A Blessing For Our Gathering Together

May we and our families feel the warmth of Jesus wrap around us like a shawl here as we visit with each other. May He open our eyes to see His face reflected in our own and in those around us in our past, present and future. As we acknowledge Him in all our ways, may He make firm our paths, as His Word flows like fresh water toward us, to grow bountiful leaves of healing and abiding fruit, not just in our own hearts and in our family’s but in many more. May the Spirit of the living God write His Word on each of our hearts, awakening us to the abundant life He has set before us.

May we and our families always leave here refreshed, with an ever deeper desire to know and be known by Jesus. May His living and breathing Word become ever more precious to us and our loved ones, so much so that we cannot help but recognize His face and savor His presence with us on every path God sets before us.

May we and our families deep down know that He CHOSE and appointed us – His beloved children, Body and Bride – to GO and bear fruit that abides. May we shake off the dust of the old and enter into the new He has for us. May we shine brightly in the light of His love and grace, together as One, so that this yearning world around us may see Jesus reflected in their own hearts and faces also, and be filled with joy.

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