A Winnowing

See not your failing 
See my wind blowing
Each point of collision
A lifting
Divinely appointed
To winnow the seed
In husks beautifully
Hidden, bursting forth
Through the breach
Long opened in my
Body broken to heal
Your every division.

A Winnowing was written in response to the d’Verse quadrille prompt with its roots resting in these Words.

A quadrille is a poem of 44 words (excluding the title), and it can take any form. This week’s challenge was to use the word ‘seed’ in a quadrille.


    1. It was so funny because after emailing you that verse last night about winnowing and scattering, I went to sleep feeling the need to look up Micah 2:5, with this vision of a baby growing in my womb. I did so in the morning and it so affirmed all we have been sharing to and fro and then I discovered today’s d’Verse prompt was “seed”. This all also made me remember your dream of holding a baby under an archway/porch and us finally meeting.

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    1. Yes! I believe when we look back upon every collision/breaking we have walked through, we can see beauty unveiling right there.

      Thankful for your beautifully timed prompt. It was a gift.

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    1. You’ve really caught something there, Björn. That urgency is from the seed’s perspective, isn’t it? While the winnower is so patient and practiced at what he has done so many times before. And yet he kneels down to the seed’s perspective, to walk him through it.


  1. I have had a Sacred Echo of “winnowing” lately. This Divine divide. There is an urgency in the timing of the seeds, and our yielding to Him. I love your work, Anna, and your obedience to share.


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