Triggers into Freedom

Months ago I read about Joni Eareckson Tada visiting the pools of Bethesda. Just after she was paralysed the story of Jesus healing the lame man of 38 years old at these pools, caused her to cry out to Jesus to not pass her by, but to heal her also.

But now, so many years later, she saw that even though she was still paralysed, God had in fact healed her, just as she had asked. She realized what she had seen as His withholding all those years ago was in fact His miraculous giving. He had given her Himself in her suffering – peace, joy, faith, hope – the One in whom all the Promises of God are yes and Amen.

Before God called me to shut down my blog and my social media once again in 2019 (a repeated call I have followed since coming home to Jesus in 2014), that same story was part of my own scheduled Bible reading. It’s then I too saw it with new eyes. I saw how I in fact deep down know that I and my loved ones are healed, whole and belong to Christ and yet I have been waiting for others to affirm what I know, by faith, to be true.

I realized that I’d sat still waiting on others to bring us to the water.
But all along, Jesus had been calling me to arise by faith: to get up, pick up my mat and walk out of my shame and disgrace into His calling upon my life.

A calling not dependent on my physical circumstances or the approval of man, but on Christ alone: on the God who has chosen and appointed me to, again and again, go and bear fruit that abides.

He beautifully gave me an answer to my prayer about what to do after hearing about the widespread spiritual abuse in this country and many others, that I too have experienced, repeatedly. To get up, pick up my mat and go, surrendering all else into His hands. And so I followed Him into the quiet and hidden once again, until He once again asked me to return, but this time, without any social media platforms.

Each surrender has meant trusting in God’s powerful breath to bring what He has promised, as I act on the faith He continues to birth in me, step by step. It has meant continually laying down my old life – my desire to be seen and loved by fellow believers, my desire to fight in the flesh and my desire to lie down in the accusations being spoken over me – to find my true life and freedom in Christ alone.

Now, as I share of all God is doing in my life, I no longer feel tethered to that same push or pull to be seen, to fight for my place at the table, or to lie down in the accusations. Seven years after He brought me back home to Him, lifting me up out of the thorn bush I was caught in, I can tell you that my God has taught me how to rest in Him. And I know He is only taking me deeper into that rest, now day by day, as I seek His face.

God has given me the same gift He gave Joni. For, I have come to recognize that what I once saw as God’s withholding of healing (from Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), has in fact been His miraculous healing of my heart, trigger by trigger.

For, God has been using each trigger of trauma to call me into a repeated death and resurrection, to give me more and more of Himself. More and more peace, joy, faith and hope. Through each trigger, He has been teaching me how to surrender myself and others into His hands, to awaken me to new life in Him alone. He has been freeing me to celebrate and sing aloud each Promise of His precious Word that is yes and Amen in Him. Praise Him!

Oh precious Father. Thank You! Thank You for each one who has gathered here. Thank You that we are all SO precious in Your sight. Thank You that You are the God who withholds no good thing from us, as we choose to follow You.

Father, I ask You to encourage each one of us through Your holy Word and breath, as the triggers shake us awake. Open our hearts and eyes to Your Presence with us there and help us to surrender all into Your hands that we may walk into the new You have for us. Fill us with a hunger and thirst for You, that nothing else will be able to push or pull us away from the beauty that You have set before us: more and more of You.

Thank You for each trigger of trauma. Thank You for not allowing us to stay asleep, but for waking us up to Your glory. Open our mouths and fill them with Your Word that we may daily sing of Your goodness to us. That we may daily declare Your Promises over ourselves and others by faith and see them come to fulfillment in You. In Jesus’ precious Name, Amen.

This is the seventh installment of Anna Smit’s personal testimony to the love and mercy of Jesus. These installments of her testimony are God’s answer to all of us who have walked a path of trauma and heartache, believing our God has abandoned us. For He has never ever forsaken us and He wants us to know it, and to see the fingerprints of the Cross – and His unending love for us – all over our lives. For the first installment see: Love Never Ends

4 thoughts on “Triggers into Freedom

  1. Bettie G May 5, 2021 / 4:23 pm

    Oh praise God for His beautiful ways of bringing the deeper healing that we don’t even realize we need. I have loved that story from Joni too. And I am praying too, for God’s deeper healing in my heart as He walks me through these places where the outer healing seems so hindered. What a merciful Saviour we have!

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    • Anna Smit May 5, 2021 / 4:31 pm

      Yes. Praise Him. Hugs from afar. Love you xoxo


  2. Lisa Enqvist May 10, 2021 / 6:59 pm

    This year I can celebrate half a lifetime with RA. Celebrate? I was 38 years old when RA came with its first symptoms. I can’t count the gifts God has brought to me even through periods of pain over the past 38 years.
    My sister gave me the words of a Finnish poet, AaleTynni, for my 70th birthday. Recently I found an English translation of her words:
    And God said: to others, I’ll give other tasks, but the task I’ll give to you
    is to make a curving bridge, my child, with an arch that’s round and true.
    For everywhere around the earth, human beings are laden with gloom,
    and they’ll come to cross an arching bridge in their anguish and their doom.
    Make a bridge that spans the precipice, a bridge over the abyss,
    one that shines to my glory with radiance, sparkling like this.
    I said: They will come with heavy boots and heels caked with clay –
    how can my bridge withstand their weight yet also shine this way,
    not tarnish or break apart as their crowding presence nears?
    And God said: well, it can only be done through blood and tears.
    Your heart is stronger than mountain rock, the ore that’s buried there –
    Put a piece of it into the bridge support, and you’ll get the bridge to bear.
    Add a piece of the hearts of those you love, and I know they won’t condemn,
    but will surely grant you forgiveness if you make a bridge for them.
    Make a bridge to the glory of God, my child, make a bridge with arching light
    that will span the depths and shine forever, with radiance sparkling bright.
    Don’t lock the sorrow out of your heart as the bridge you make appears.
    Nothing gleams more beautifully than the brilliance of pure tears.

    Aale Tynni


    • Anna Smit May 10, 2021 / 7:28 pm

      That’s so beautiful, Lisa. Thank you for sharing. What a long path of pain you have been on. 32 years. I can’t even imagine. Your roots must go very deeply into our Father’s love.


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