Part 4: Chapter 1 – Day 5: Yours

Welcome to Day 5 of Part 4‘s Chapter 1. Today, Anna is bringing forward our 5th free will offering of acacia wood – incorruptible humanity in Christ Jesus.

I first penned the poem below as a deep cry in prayer in June 2018, beseeching the LORD to keep me His. But now, in returning to it, I felt the LORD lead me to transform it into a poem of thanksgiving. As I did so, I felt Him reminding me of all the ways He has been answering my heart’s cry to know that I am His.

I can now see that every rejection I have faced, as my weakness has been exposed, has driven me to my knees in prayer. And as I have cried out to God, He has given me the discernment to lay down the accusations of the enemy to receive His love, His mercy and His acceptance of me.

We live in a world that doesn’t value weakness, in a world that condemns us for being in need. And yet Jesus says, unless we become like a child, we will never enter the Kingdom of God. Praise God, that we belong to this Jesus, who continually leads us into situations that expose our human weakness, so that we might learn to rest in His empowering grace there.

Jesus strips away our pride, piece by piece. He continually invites us to humble ourselves, always taking us deeper and deeper, that we might esteem Him as our Head, not just in part, but in full. He teaches us to seek after Him with all our heart, mind and strength. He fills us with a hunger and thirst for His holy Word.

And so this is now my poem of praise. Would you join me in singing it over yourself today also? I am also singing it over my loved ones today and maybe you would like to do so also? May Jesus bring to mind all the ways He has kept us His and turn what the enemy meant for evil into good.


Thank You for keeping me

Ever weak before You

That You might be my Strength

My Cup, My Portion.

Thank You for keeping me

Needy on my knees

That I might know You ever more

Your life, Your grace, Your love for us all

Thank You for keeping me


Casting here my burdens

Upon the One who saves.

Thank You for keeping me


Remembering all You've done

And all You've promised true.

Thank You for keeping me


Bread from heaven falling

Not hoarding, but in partaking gift.

Thank You for keeping me


My heart out like water

Panting after nothing, but Living Water.

Thank You for keeping me


Your hand upon

Your sovereign rule and reign.

Thank You for keeping me


My heart here open

To Your perfect leading.

Thank You for keeping me


Within your boundaries

Not stepping there beyond.

Thank You for keeping me


All my weight

Upon You: my Lord and Savior

That I might live each day

Forever in Your holy Presence

Thank You for keeping me:



  1. “Thank You for keeping me


    Within your boundaries

    Not stepping there beyond.”

    Just tears reading this today. Not long ago I could not have seen the thankfulness within His boundaries. But He has been so merciful to begin to change my perspective. Thank you for sharing this precious gift of God today.


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