Part 4: Chapter 2 – Day 7: Joy

Welcome to Day 7 of Part 4’s Chapter 2 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is sharing the final offering of scarlet thread – the cleansing blood of Christ.


Inspired by
Psalm 63

In His river
I will dance
Washing in His grace
So undeserved aplenty.

How can it be
That dust like me
You'd shape and mould
For heaven's gates?

When I've run away
And turned aside
You've chased me
In chesed love.

So steadfast strong
A strength not mine
Our Savior
A humble shoot, rejected spurned
Is given me to grow.

In rains aplenty
Of mercy
Not one of us could ever pay
In deeds or thoughts or words
But only as we rest.

Upon the only Holy One
Who makes us holy
Through His Word made flesh
In rain aplenty
Each Word
A waterfall of grace.

And in the rushing, gushing waters
I'm undone
My heart begins to sing
The silt is washed away
His Words my joyful lips depart.

I remember
And in remembering rejoice
For His steadfast love never ceases
His mercies they are new
Every precious morning.

For He has always been
And will always be my Help
In the shadow of His wings
I will sing for joy
Knowing my soul
Still clings to Him

For His right hand
Upholds me still.

“Praise God with waves of joy. You, my soul, have such cause to be thankful. For as long as I live I will dedicate my psalms to His praise, As long as I see light I will extol God in my song.”

Part of the lyrics for the song below: one of Corrie ten Boom’s favorite Dutch hymns, as quoted on p.183 in The Five Silent Years of Corrie Ten Boom, by Pamela Rosewell Moore (see:


  1. Oh Dear Anna, thank you for sharing this Dutch hymn. To hear the beautiful song that so stirred her heart is such a gift. His glorious praise ran so deeply in her heart–that scarlet thread was woven more strongly even than her speech could convey. Such tears of praise along with you today.


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