Part 5: Chapter 2 – Day 3: A Sea of Mercy

Welcome to Day 3 of Part 5‘s Chapter 2 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is bringing forward the third free will offering of purple thread (royal compassion)

A Sea of Mercy

I look behind me
And see the train
Of Your robe
Billowing royal.

Every surface covering
A flowing
Sea of purple

And I weep
In Your mercy.

By a King
Who bore the Cross
For me.

By the Son of Man
Who would call
A woman weak and frail
His own.

Who am I
But dust?
Who am I
But caged
To fear, pain
And shame?

And yet
I hear Your Voice
Resound before me

It's then I find
I AM stepping
Where even angels
Fear to tread.

It's then
In my weakness
I watch You
In power rise.

I watch You
Snap my fear
And shame
In two.

The accusations
Of condemnation
No more claim
Can lay.

For, clothed
In royal thread
I see my King's face
Reflected in my own.

For, it's no longer
I who live
But Christ who lives
In me.

I bow
Before my
King of Kings.

And with my heart
And tongue
Confess Him now
As Lord of all.

Holy, holy, holy
Is the LORD God

Before, behind
Above, below
All around
His Temple

I see the train
Of my King's robe
Billowing purple.

Every surface covering
A flowing
Sea of mercy ours

Christ alone.

Father God, thank You that You are filling us with Your holy courage to shine the light of Your love, where You call us to. Thank You that You are lifting the accusations of the enemy against us and those You are calling us to love. Thank You that as we look into the mirror, we can see Jesus there and that as we look into the eyes of those You set before us, we can see Jesus there too.

Thank You that You are melting away our insecurities and fears in the truth of Your holy love for both us and for those you are calling us to bless. A love You expressed by pouring out the judgement each one of us deserved upon Your very own Son, so that we could be freed from our sin and shame, to run with joy into Your abundant life. Thank You, Father, for Your incredible sacrificial love, a royal compassion like no other.

Forgive us for the moments we have listened to the accusations of the enemy and fought or fled Your good and perfect will for us. Thank You that You are not ashamed of us in our weakness and need. Thank You that Your mercy reaches down to the pure and true desires of Christ’s heart in us, which beats in tune with Yours. Thank You that You are growing us up in Your Word to discern and follow after Your Voice alone. Thank You that You are persuading us to put our faith in Your Name above all else.

Thank You that when our hearts condemn us, You, our God are greater than our heart and know all things. Thank You that as You rise to defend us and prove Yourself in us, You are causing us to tremble in awe of who You are as You lift away our every fear in Your perfect love for us. Thank You that You are awakening us in the light of Your loving countenance. Thank You that You are clothing us in Your royal and holy compassion to become Your hands and feet of compassion to others. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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