Part 5: Chapter 2 – Day 5: I See You

Welcome to Day 5 of Part 5‘s Chapter 2 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is bringing forward the fifth free will offering of purple thread (royal compassion). 

Anna loves her LORD and Savior with a passion. She has seen Him restore and heal her from so much and knows her God to be faithful. But then, her world is turned upside down, when He asks her to surrender all she knows to receive what she begins to realize, she does not – His heart for her and others. As she closes the door on the world she knows, she is filled with joy and expectant hope, even in the pain of all the letting go.

But months later, the waves of trauma begin to hit. She fights the best way she knows how. She speaks truth to the lies raging inside of her. But the waves just keep coming. Roaring and crashing with even greater force. They take her breath away. She tries to hide her struggle from those around her.

She feels so ashamed. She had declared herself healed and whole. She thought God was calling her to be His healing to others. How could she write that book of healing He had been calling her to? The very book she had only just invited her new friend to join her in writing. How could she be God’s healing to others, in her own brokenness?

It’s then, that very friend – Bettie – and others from near and far, begin to reach out. Women she thought she was called to love, pray for and hold in her arms, through her writing, reach out to her. In closing every door God had asked her to and becoming invisible to the seen world, she had unknowingly opened the door to the realm of the invisible. She had opened the door to the hands and feet of Christ, to those led by the moment by moment revelation of the Spirit of God.

The Words of truth she had once fought so hard to religiously wield, to slice through the accusations screaming inside of her, are now being wielded for her. The Living Word she sits with daily is now arising from within her, and wrapping around her, as she and her friends pour out their hearts to one another and send each other Scriptures and hymns God is bringing to their heart, daily.

But not only that. She is also finding her heart opening to receive the love, truth and grace of her living God in those most precious to her. In the very ones she was once too afraid to be real with – the ones her religious thinking told her, were not of Him.

Now, when the waves begin to surge within her, she is letting the hands and feet of Jesus in her loved ones meet her there. And in pouring her heart out before them, she is finding them pouring their own heart out before her. Jesus is making them One – by the power of His love, truth and grace in their brokenness. She now often finds herself weeping, as she reflects upon her Savior having borne the full force of those waves not just for her, but for all His children.

She is learning that trust is not fighting the rush and roar of perplexing and frightening emotions nor the lies hissing inside of her, as she once thought. She is learning that trust is letting the waves come. It is pouring out her heart freely before God and others. It is coming just as she is and inviting God to unravel her heart and to speak His blessed truth and grace into her heart, also through those He has kept in her life for a purpose. Right there she is experiencing His power in her weakness.

She now realizes it’s not our healing and wholeness that heals others and calls them unto God. It’s our own brokenness, before Jesus and before others, that does. For, as we gather in love and truth and grace, pouring out our hearts in all honesty and openness, His healing and wholeness pours out in our midst, as He awakens His heart of love in us.

Like her friends from near and afar, Anna now listens for the gentle Voice of her Savior. She now deep down knows that no weapon forged against her can ever separate her from the love that is in Christ Jesus. For, when her heart condemns her, she knows her God to be greater than her heart.

She now puts her faith in the living Word of God – Jesus – who came not to condemn the world, but to seek and save us all through His power that is perfected in our weakness. The God who is not ashamed of us in our brokenness and who does not punish us for it, but who welcomes us just as we are. For, the God I know willingly chose to suffer with and for all His children at the Cross, to testify to us and to the world around us in our brokenness today: I see you.

I See You

"I see you
I see the light
In you
In the dark
Of night
You see
I see
The wounds
I bore
For you.

"Come, feel
My nail-pierced hands
And let them
Remind you
Again and again
I know all things.

"Come, be My child
Let Me soothe you
In My arms
And balm
Your wounds.

Let me take
Each curled
And twisted knot
And in My living
Breathing Word
And release.

"For then I'll pour
Back out of you
My honey sweet
Of grace
And truth.

"For, when your heart
Condemns you
Know this
I do not
For, I am the God
Who knows
All things.

"I am the God
Who sees you
And all my children
Not just in part
But full."


  1. Oh His royal compassion is so far above the ways we would think. He is so full of grace to draw us each together into His gracious heart. In our weakness He shows Himself so loving and full of healing! Thank you, Dear Jesus! And thank you, dear Anna, for sharing your open heart with me, pointing to the love of Jesus so much.


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