Part 6: Chapter 2 – Day 1: Arms Outstretched

Welcome to Day 1 of Part 6‘s Chapter 2 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is bringing forward the first free will offering of ram skins dyed red.

Arms Outstretched 

Tears, He wept
Upon His Cross for you
His Body broken
His whole to gift
Arms stretched wide
Nails they pierced
His perfect Love to flow.

His heart
It weeps
Even still
Even now
As you turn away
Shamed and broken
Longing, you have
Buried deep.

His tears
They fall
Even here
Even now
As your heart
Now heaves in pain
To hide and flee.

His hand
It calls
His whisper
I know
I understand
I see
Never once
My heart
Of flesh
Has turned away.

No pain
Too deep
No shame
Too great
No sin
Too dark
My hand
And heart
From yours
Will ever tear.

Made flesh
I felt
I heard
I saw
My broken child
Before my eyes
And wept for her.

The poor
The shunned
The striving
In fear
The shame
The grief
And pain
I've come for
ALL of you
Your hand
To clasp and hold.

My guiding hand
My Spirit Life
Your broken all
Completed whole
I call
My arms
Your all

I cup
I lift
I hold
The Son of God
In you
I breathe.

Perfect Pure
For striving fear
Father's arms
For pierced of heart
Lips of life
For tombed in shrouded pain
My all
Your shattered
Whole shall breathe.

Be not afraid
Hide not now
Behind those clefts
Your anger
Sin and grief
But come
Beloved, come
Just as you are.

I see
I know
I understand
Not one single piece
My Cross withheld
Spoken free
My blood has rent you
Covered pure.

Turn those eyes to me
Weep those tears
Kick those legs
Shout your
Why My Lord, Oh why?!

And see me
Your broken heart
To hold
Your flailing arms and legs
And hold you
Till your tears

Be not afraid
I've come
For you
Not just in part
But whole
Each shard of piercèd
And crying

Not afraid
No heart
Of numbing stone
No hidden
Pain and fear
My hand
From you

Never once
Have I
My loving heart
Nor hand
Open now
Your eyes
And see:

I'm standing
My arms

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