Part 6: Day 2: That’s All I Ask

Welcome to Day 2 of Part 6‘s Chapter 2 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is bringing forward the second free will offering of ram skins dyed red.

That's All I Ask

That's all I ask
For Your heart
To become my own.

Let me know
Not just in part
But one day in whole.

Let me deeper go
Living water
My depths to fill.

Let everywhere I walk
Your own love
Flow to pour.

Let Your heart's cry
Your tug and tears
My prayers become.

Let Your song
From my lips be heard
Breaking night to day.

Let the dormant dreams
Your seeds once sown
Now rise to Life.

Awaken this child of God
Woven fearfully and wonderfully
To dance and sing again.

Let her know
Her Father's voice
Night and day.

Yield me in worship
Each day anew my hands and feet
Your Living Word declaring.

That I would run my race
Reason and man's acclaim surrender
To seek and know Your face.

Cause me to see and notice
Turn to hold
And clothe and feed.

Yield me ever in humility
In the quiet and hidden Your heart's Knowing and sowing to cherish.

Cause me Your open arms to seek
When I am wounded and in need
To let You turn my tears to prayers.

To turn the other cheek
To bless in silent witness strong
To be still and know You are God.

Let Your Spirit breath
This holy Temple fill
My Rock and Redeemer shine.

That's all I ask
That Your heart
My very own becomes.

That I'd know
Not just in part
But one day

In whole.

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