The Great Unveiling

As we wait to release the Words God has gifted Bettie and her daughter for Chapter 1 of Part 7 in His beautiful timing, my heart longs to continue sharing what God is doing in my own heart.

So, here you go: a poem I pray affirms God’s work in your heart and life also, two songs that are so blessing my heart and a prayer and Scriptures the LORD laid on my heart this morning that are already reaping the fruit for which they were sent – may they continue to do so! All honor and glory and power be unto our King of Kings!

The Great Unveiling

Feast now in
Broken bread
And new wine
Receive now
My grace
Ever pouring
Into this wineskin

My goodness flowing
My mercy leading
See now the love
And compassion
In these hands
And feet
Of the servant King
In you.

In your weakness
And need
In each death
To pride and self
See how
Your offering
Is Christ
Now becoming.

Your tears
Into joy
I AM singing
Your fears
Into faith
I AM bequeathing
Your worries
Into boldness
I AM unleashing
Your past
My glory now
Ever declaring.

Your mountains
And shaking
Your hills
See how
Persuading you
Moment by moment
I AM with you still.

Open your mouth
And taste
Of my goodness
And mercy
Each day anew
Take eat of My bread
And drink of this cup
And watch here
My Presence
Your portion
Ever becoming.

With My blessed hand
Upon your head
And My face ever
Leaning toward you
See how
Shattering your idols
And setting
You free.

Your bitterness and gall
For a heart now of flesh
In mercy and
Gentle surrender
See how your heart
My soft heart
In the Father's will
Is becoming.

In your singing
And dancing
Each day afresh
See My delight
In your body
My Body

Contend, O Lord, with the enemy who contends with us; fight against our accuser who fights against us! Let our accuser be like chaff before the wind, with the angel of the Lord driving him away! Blow Your wind to uncover what needs uncovering in us and to cover what needs covering. Thank You for Your healing leaves that You are even now blowing toward us to cover us in Your mercy and Your glorious victory at the Cross. In the Name of Your precious Son, Jesus I pray, Amen.

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