Part 7: Chapter 1 – Day 3: Over the Threshold

Welcome to Day 3 of Part 7′Chapter 1 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is bringing forward the third free will offering of onyx stones and other gem stones.

You speak 

Of new wineskins

Of the old that has gone

The new that has come.

Oh, let us taste 

Of Your holiness

In the Son of glory's


In the darkness

Of Your covering

Let us find hidden

Treasures gleaming.

Oh let us savor the sweet

Honey of Your Word

Not hoarding but

In heaven's dew bestowing.

Let all else now

Be ashes to ashes

Flame your righteousness

In gemstones aglow.

As we seek a firm footing

In this shaking and breaking

Shod Your Good News

To our feet in the waiting.

Oh make us ready

A new heart of flesh  

In our weakness lay bare

Into heaven's glory sowing.

Let the latter rains

In Your breaking clouds

Gush and pour, the seed

In living waters growing.

Make room in our hearts

For one another

Move us ever forward

Into Your heart's blooming.

Let us, Your family of stars

Arise and shine

In the light of Your face

Calling all: come!

Let each stone 

In Spirit 'n truth breathe

Alive in Your intercession

A Living Temple: whole.

Shoulder to shoulder

Into Your Kingdom

Come Jesus come

Carry us over the threshold:

Now One.

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