Part 7: Chapter 2 – Day 1: Behold the Son of God

Welcome to Day 1 of Part 7′Chapter 2 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is bringing forward the first free will offering of the table of the showbread.

Behold the Son of God

Little foxes

My heart divided

Accusations cutting

My heart shut tight

Tipping over, bowed down low.

But on that Cross

My Abba Father wept for me

His heart broke

My door to open

My body in His Body lifting.

Ever near to me remaining

For on that Cross so cruel

He bled and died

To graft me in

Forever sealed I AM.

The Promise

In new wine pouring

His incense rose

His Body breaking

To set me free.


From heaven falling

My famished

Fainting body


Living water

My parched

Lips opening

My Abba's Word

To sing.

May Christ awaken us all

To His call

"My Beloved

Holy Church

Come home!"

In returning and resting

In our Promise

Jesus to see

In each and every face

To Behold

The Son of God arising.


  1. Amen, so very beautiful:

    “Manna from heaven falling

    My famished, fainting body resurrecting

    Living water my parched

    Lips opening

    My Abba’s Word to sing”

    Oh, what a Dear Saviour we have. Thank you Anna for sharing your words gifted here. 🙏


    1. He just keeps taking His Word ever deeper, doesn’t He? I edited the poem some just now, as He led me into that returning and resting myself. I had been reading Gayl’s post on prayer and it had me thinking about what prayer looks like for me. I realized that my deepest connection with God comes in the listening for His Voice – as I pray the words HE gives me.

      But as I sat with that realization, He led me back here and had me take notice of what I had done to the end of the poem: let my motives become mixed. Mixed in there was bitterness and pain. I noticed that at the end of the poem there was a switch to a harsh, striving tone, rather than the sweet and gentle call of our Deliverer.

      But praise God! He lifted that harshness to bring His gentle Word in HIS praying through me. It is truly HE who opens our hearts to receive His Word, moment by moment to pray in the Spirit and not our flesh.


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