Part 7: Chapter 2 – Day 2: Forever, the New Wine Remembers

Welcome to Day 2 of Part 7′Chapter 2 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is bringing forward the second free will offering of the table of the showbread.

The New Wine Remembers

In the light
Of Christ's face
Shall we rise.

Broken bread
New wine, His
Bride calling.

In the old
Treasures new

Pain and shame
Joy and grace

Our King a

Stars of glory
Day by day

The morning
Star in each
Heart rising.

A Bridegroom
Calling us:

"Come to the
Table of grace
Set for you.

"Eat the bread
And drink the
New wine.

"In Spirit'n
Truth in the
Son worship

"He shall ever
Remind you
To confess.

"My banner
Over you

The new wine

"I Am Yours
You are Mine!"

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