Part 7: Chapter 2 – Day 3: Fellowship Restored

Welcome to Day 3 of Part 7′Chapter 2 of Arise and Shine. Today, Bettie is bringing forward the third free will offering of the table of the showbread.

Have you looked around at the darkness of this world and become overwhelmed? Maybe you’ve heard dark things uttered over your own life and you’ve succumbed to the hopelessness invoked?

One night not long ago, I felt the darkness impenetrable for the children of this age. I cried out to God in my weariness and asked Him to somehow protect His little ones. I expected to lie awake for hours, as was usually the case for me. Once a soul-pain begins in me, then my chronic-illness-filled body will often times join in the struggle. Instead, on this night God placed me into a deep sleep until early morning, when I woke up suddenly with the very words from a recent post here, “the young ones, the young ones!” 

I recognized the call to intercession. But my heart felt like a stone, weary and hopeless. I sought the Scriptures, I tried to find the words, but it all felt so futile. Until I listened to a song that Anna had sent to me days before. God had preserved it,  unopened in my inbox, until just the right moment.

And the tears flew unchecked from the deepest places of my heart. Jesus is the only light that can penetrate the darkness, the only water that can quench the thirsting, the only bread to feed our souls. In the darkest of places He weeps with us for “the young ones” and their not yet seeing.

In great compassion, drawing near to us in our fear and unbelief, He stills us to listen for His Word to us. He bids us to remember His offering.  

My heart stumbles when I pridefully think it is beyond hope. But He invites me to join Him in the fellowship of HIS suffering, watching and looking UP for the full restoration yet to come. He will not abandon His dear ones. 

Oh Lord Jesus, come rescue Your children, come rescue us all. Come beautify our souls in Your Presence.

I am the bread of life . . . I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever (John 6:48, 51).

Christ the Redeemer

Deep and wide the fountain
His life given for
the world.

Deep and wide my tears
Fall into His fountain
watering the world.

How can it be?
Here in this desert?

Deep and wide His waters
Hope is sown among
the stones.

And in the place of
withering heat
I take and eat

... Fellowship Restored

Will you join me as I pray the words God gave Anna to pray, as she sat with the words God gave me? Will you join us as we worship our God in Spirit and truth?

Father, thank You that You are the God who invites us to weep with You for the young ones not yet seeing and to look UP for the full restoration to come. Father, thank You for sending us Your Son to meet us by Your Holy Spirit in our need. Thank You for Your tenderhearted compassion toward not just “the young ones” but toward us also, in our own struggle to believe that You are faithful to complete all that You have promised.

Thank You for showing us just how near You are to us and reminding us how powerful Your living and active Word is. Thank You for breaking the accuser’s schemes against us, as You awaken us to join Your Spirit’s call to intercede with You for Your Bride. Thank You for the full restoration of fellowship to come. Thank You for taking that restoration of fellowship deeper in our own hearts also, through every tear and every Word of faith You gift us.

Today, we lay before You Your great and Holy Promises that You are bringing to our remembrance. You tell us every Prodigal is sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of their inheritance in Christ Jesus until they acquire possession of it to the praise of Your glory (Ephesians 1:13-14). Likewise Your Word tells us that the unbelieving spouses of Your believing children are already made holy by their husband’s or wife’s faith in You, so that their children can now also be holy in You (1 Corinthians 7:14). We ask You to remember these Promises.

For You command us to “Put [You] in remembrance; [to] let us argue together; [to] set forth [our] case, that [we] may be proved right.” So, that is what we are doing today. Prove Yourself in our loved ones- Your beloved ones – according to Your great and holy Promises that are Yes and Amen in Christ Jesus.

Today, we also recognize our call in Christ to carry each other’s burdens and so fulfill the law of God. Forgive us for all the times we have forsaken that call and sown unto the flesh. But thank You that You are bigger and stronger than our flesh. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit power in us and Your mercy to us. Thank You for leading us now to sow Your Word by faith in the conviction of Your Spirit.

Father, You forgave the lame man on the basis of his friends’ faith who brought him to you, lowering him down to You through the roof. So, today, we ask You to forgive our loved ones – Your loved ones – on the basis of our faith also. 

Today, we rip that roof away of our pride and unbelief that has been keeping out the rain of Your grace and the living water of Your Word of healing for Your Body. Thank You for humbling us by Your Word to us to now sow unto the Spirit. Thank You for awaking Your Son’s trust in us of You. We thank You for His life and breath in us and in Your not yet seeing loved ones. 

We trust You, our mighty, mighty God to reward us now, as we seek Your face in Spirit and truth today. To pour out Your Holy Spirit in our midst to draw “the young ones” and all Your beloved ones home. Thank You that according to Your Word they are already sealed, holy and Yours. Forgive us for our own unbelief. Now open our mouths afresh and fill them with Your Word of life. Show us just how powerful Your living and active Word is! 

Today, in the fresh faith You have awakened in us, we enlarge the place of our tent, our meeting place with You, to include our Prodigal loved ones and unbelieving spouses. We stretch our tent curtains wide, and do not hold back; we lengthen our cords, strengthening our stakes, knowing You to be true to Your Word to us. Yes! We will spread out to the right and to the left, as You draw us all home into Your undivided heart of love.

Father, we thank You for giving us fresh faith. For You tell us that without faith it is impossible to please You. Thank You that we please You today, as we lay these Promises before You, as we are persuaded by Your Holy Spirit to take You at Your Word. 

Father, we believe that our faith – given by You – has the power to move the mountains standing between You and our loved ones. Move the mountains standing between You and each one of us into Your sea of Your mercy, into the sea of Your blood shed to restore, redeem and make us One in You.

Now we profess with our mouth what we know in our heart to be true: You who are in us and all Your loved ones are greater than He who is in the world. Prove that truth to us afresh today and every day. Prove the power of Your living and active Word in us and all Your loved ones. 

Uncover any sin in us personally that is keeping Your not yet seeing ones covered in condemnation and shame. Lift our burdens in Christ Jesus, as You awaken a hunger and thirst in us like never before for Your good and perfect Word to us. We long to see Your righteousness transform us and our loved ones, to make us One in You. And so we ask You to continue to take our own fellowship with You ever deeper too. Break our hearts in Your love for Your Bride.

Now, we also ask You to break this bread and multiply it in thanksgiving to bless many more, pouring out Your new wine and lifting Your incense through us to bless not just our loved ones, but many others also.

In Jesus’ mighty Name, Amen.

Update to post: and just to affirm His Word to us – look what dropped into Anna’s email inbox 37 minutes after she pressed publish on this post – her NIV verse of the day:

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