Part 7: Chapter 2 – Day 5: What Love Is This?

Welcome to Day 5 of Part 7′Chapter 2 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is bringing forward the fifth free will offering of the table of the showbread.

What Love is This?

What love
Is this
That you walked
That path
That those nails
Drove my sin
And shame into
Perfect Pure?

What love
Is this
That not anger,
But weeping
Led your
Every step
Unto that
Rugged cross.

"My God, My God
Why have you
Forsaken me?"
You carried
My separation
From the Father
To restore
And make me

What love is this
That as blood
Poured as sweat
You spoke,
"Not my will
But yours"
And chose
To die
In the Father's
Will that
We might

What love
Is this
That you washed
The feet
Of a
Precious friend
You gave
Your all
He'd exchange
Your life
For but
Thirty silver

What love is this
That whipped,
Beaten, mocked
You stood there
All alone for us
Each friend
Having fled
And deserted

What love
Is this
That as you
For Your Father
To remain
In us
And with us
Your friends
Slept and
Left you
All alone
In such grief?

What love is this
That you sought
Us out
Us Peters
Who have denied
Your Name
To speak not only
Restoration pure
But anointed us
To take Your love
Into Your world.

What love is this
That no shame
Met doubting Thomas
And us all
In our
Horrid unbelief
And distrust
That You turned
And not away
With proof that
You perfect
Your power
In weakness
With deep
Knowing our hearts
Like no other
Loving and
Our broken hearts
Like no other.

What love is this
That we
Your prodigals
And elder brothers
Are chosen
For Glory's crown?

What love is this
That the nails
Driven into
Your hands
All our guilt
And shame
To the Cross
That our hands
Might lift
Each other
By the power
Of Your Word.

Your Promises
Into the walls
Of salvation
For each other
In prayer laying
Each others' burdens
Your law of love

Each gap
In the walls
And our hearts
Joining together
Two walls
Made One
In the cornerstone
In the pillars
Of truth and grace
And established
In You
Our omnipotent
Majestic God.

What love is this
That all sins past,
Present, future
Are covered
In Your blood
Washed clean
The Veil rent
Our hearts
To free
And lift
As One?

What love
Is this
Our Savior
And best Friend
Our elder Brother
Our Father
Hope and Life
Our Rock
And Defender
Our only
True Strength
And mighty



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