Part 7: Chapter 3 – Day 1: What If?

Welcome to Day 1 of Part 7′Chapter 3 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is bringing forward the first free will offering of Holy Hands.

What If?

What if the fire
Is flaming alive hope
And a future
Giving beauty for ashes?

What if the loss
And heartbreak
Are Christ's heart awaking
And His beauty bequeathing?

What if our Savior
Who bore our sin and pain
Has come to seek
And save us all?

What if the pain and trauma
Are Christ's appointing
To stretch the tent pegs wide
And welcome each other in?

What if our destiny
Is to become Christ's compassion
His church not in pews hiding
But light into darkness shining?

What if our Potter
Is shaping and moulding
Our hearts to become the hands
And feet of Christ in the world?

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