Part 7: Chapter 3 – Day 6: LORD of Lords

Welcome to Day 6 of Part 7′Chapter 3 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is bringing forward the sixth free will offering of Holy Hands.

LORD of Lords

I shall not be afraid
My feet are steadfast
Strong and
Is my God.

Perfect is the Word
Living and active
Not one Word
Of His falls
To the ground.

All He speaks
Breathes life
True and pure
Are His Ways.

His hands
Hold the mountains
Seas and valleys
All are His
For His Bride's fashioning.

All His creation
The work of His hands
Holy and set apart
Sacred and costly
His blood shed for all.

Shalom - each member
Joined to a whole
In One heart arising
Each branch in the Vine
Hidden treasure revealing.

The Son of God
Life in death soaring
A worship in Spirit and truth
Here, I AM bequeathing
A harvest so bountiful is He!

Forth our Abba stretches
His wings, His Voice
Overshadowing in mercy
Ever more children coming
Into their destiny.

See the knees bending
A family the world over
Hand in hand now abiding
In Adonai she's awaking
A Bride from her slumber.

Lifted, her hands
To her Lover and King
In the latter rains awash
In her Fountain she's singing:
Mayim mayim mayim.

Water to wine
The Groom's saved
The best for last
The new wine's flowing
Grace upon grace sowing.

See her arising
In her Adonai's face
A new song
To the famished Sons bringing
A Bride He's made ready.

Her hands the work
Of nail-pierced hands revealing
Awesome in power
And mighty to save
Is the King of Kings

And LORD of Lords!

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