Part 7: Chapter 4 – Day 1: Christ Revealing

Welcome to Day 1 of Chapter 4 from Arise & Shine’s Part 7. Today, Anna is bringing forward our first free will offering of The Hidden Manna in Christ Revealed.

Christ Revealing

I hear You call: look up!
And behold You, my Manna
As Stephen did in Saul
Not the stones falling
But the stone rolling
Christ in Paul awaking.

A sea of mercy
In the heart of man
In Christ's victory
The manna's awaking.

Pride and pain supplanting
My heart You're lifting
Loss - my gain becoming
Weapons forged against us
Are but good news of great joy
For all men reaping.

No more condemnation
In Christ I carry
The peace of my Maker
The walls of salvation rebuilding
Into my Sabbath rest running
The gates of praise I AM lifting.

Eliyana - yes, my God
Has answered me
Zechariah - yes, my God
The tent pegs
I AM stretching ever wider.

My inner cup ever washing
A new heart You're revealing
Face to face
With my Maker
Anxious thoughts dissolving
Your consolations are my delight.

No story's complete
Without the whole
In Your nail-scarred
Hands and feet
From glory to glory
You're awaking.

Tears of grief, joy becoming
Your purpose I AM seeing
In each puzzle piece
I see You now setting
Into the whole:

Christ Revealing.

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