Part 7: Chapter 4 – Day 1: The Body of Christ

Welcome to Day 1 of Chapter 4 from Arise & Shine’s Part 7. Today, Anna is bringing forward our first free will offering of The Hidden Manna in Christ Revealed.

The Body of Christ

I hear You call
Look up!
And behold You
As Stephen did
In Saul.

Not the stones
But the stone
Your Word on my lips
Christ awaking.

A sea of mercy
In our hearts hidden
I behold You:
Christ awaking.

The bread of life
In thanksgiving
Unto the heavens
Lifted and unto
Abundance broken.

The destroyer's weapons
Are but good news
Of great joy
For all parts
Of the Body reaping.

Eliyana - yes, my God
Has answered me
Zechariah - yes, my God
Remembers all
The tent pegs I AM
Stretching ever wider.

My inner cup
Now daily washing
A new heart
You're revealing
Face to face

Anxious thoughts
Your consolations
My delight.

Our story - Your story
In Your nail-scarred
Hands and feet
From glory to glory
In the Son

Yes, I believe
You are the Bread
Of Life!
Tears of repentance

In my
Setting apart
You are my joy

A sovereign purpose
I AM seeing
No longer
A withholding
But Your choosing
Of us all

The Body of Christ.

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