Part 7: Chapter 5 – Day 4: Your Holy Home

Welcome to Day 4 of Chapter 5 from Arise & Shine’s Part 7. Today, Bettie and Anna are together bringing forward the fourth free will offering of the Stone Tablets: Revealing the Covenant and Testimony of Jesus (the Word fulfilled). This is based on a poem that Bettie first shared at the very beginning of our book – Our Holy Dwelling Place. Now, Anna has rewritten it with Bettie’s blessing to reflect the transformation God has brought about in both their hearts since then.

Your Holy Home

You, the Holy God

Made a Holy decree:

Come out from among them,

And be Holy,

Even as I am Holy.

A Holy Temple

You designed for the meeting

Between Yourself and men

The cloud descended

Your Glory filled the rooms.

But Your commands

And Your Precepts

Left the people bewildered

You always knew

The holiness required

Could never be met.

So, just as You promised

Through Your prophet Isaiah

You stepped in

The Holy One Yourself

Opening the way

You took the debt

Upon Yourself.

Our fellowship once lost

In You is regained

A purity unknown

Now freely given

For all to receive.

Your Kingdom

Brought low

To all

We, Your children

Once shrouded

In darkness

Now see the light.

Where sin and destruction

Once walked hand in hand

Your mercy

Now washes us clean

Making us new.

Inner courts of the Temple

Now live in our heart

As our outer man groans

And waits for the time

When we shall ALL be One.

We hear You call

"Come and see

What you never could do

I’ve brought to you

A perfection so true.

"You are My own

Where I love to dwell

Behold My Son

Now reflected in you

Holy and pure in His blood

You are My gift

That never stops giving."

How can it be

That those such as we

Once covered in shame

Our weakness and sin hiding

Are now daily rejoicing

In Your

Fountains of grace

Washed and made clean

The joy of the LORD

Now daily our strength?

How can it be

That we hear You now

Call out to us all

"Arise and shine

My Beloved

I am yours

And you are Mine."?

How can it be?


You make us holy

You paid the price

Making every part

Of our broken

Heart’s dwelling

Mended and whole:

Now Your Holy Home!

Isaiah 7:14 (ESV) Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

[Immanuel meaning: God with us]

Papa: here is our offering of thanks. No words can describe the joy in our hearts You have brought us. Oh how we praise You and honor You and glorify You LORD. Let Your people praise us with You! Praise You, Jesus!!!

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