Part 7: Chapter 5 – Day 7: Sweet Breath

Welcome to Day 7 of Chapter 5 from Arise & Shine’s Part 7. Today, Anna is bringing forward our final free will offering of the Stone Tablets: Revealing the Covenant and Testimony of Jesus (the Word fulfilled). She submitted it separately to Chronic Joy for publication recently, who released it earlier this month – hence the link to Chronic Joy at the end of this post to read the excerpt in full. May God bless you through these words today, just as He did Anna afresh this week, five years after He first asked her to record this encouragement He gave her.


Do you see the many leaves
Crushed and broken, torn,
Barren tree
Weeping shittim wood
Arms stretched heavenward

As manna then from heaven
Bare they do remain
But in praises sway
Many branches, side by side
As One.

Firmly planted
In love’s strong roots
Swaying now in Holy Spirit’s
Own sweet Breath
Beauty in all barrenness
Life where no life
Man could ever find. 

And in their swaying
They beckon
Come, all barren, weary souls
Come find Life in death
Resurrection in arms stretched high
As manna falls.


Have you ever, like me, felt like those barren branches, your leaves crushed, broken and torn? Have you ever, like me, found yourself (or those around you) longing to gather up those leaves, to stick them back together, and onto that tree? Have you ever, like me, found yourself turning away in shame or despair, believing that your lack defines your whole?

What if our barrenness is in fact God’s good purpose? What if we deemed it not a punishment to flee from or an embarrassment to hide from, but rather a place to slow and savor more of His Presence, in communion with our fellow branches? For really  “. . . [we] don’t have to be in a hurry. [We]’re not running from anybody! God is leading [us] out of here, and the God of Israel is also [our] rear guard.” (Isaiah 52:12 MSG)


Scripture tells us: “Your threshing season will overlap with the grape harvest, and your grape harvest . . . To finish reading this post, please click here: Sweet Breath at Chronic Joy.

And if you happen to return to this page, may this song that began playing as I put the finishing touches to this post bless you also:


  1. What a beautiful and timely song. It was such a gift from the Lord to pause with Him today. Thank you so much for sharing it and your precious post. This poem of yours is one of my favorites. It’s so amazing to me to see how God has woven His promises through all the years! May I lift my branches, that feel so bare, up to Him as we face this new place. HE is so full of life right here! Love and blessings and hugs, dear friend.


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