Part 7: Chapter 6 – Day 4: The One

Welcome to Day 4 of Chapter 6 from Arise & Shine’s Part 7. Today, Anna is bringing forward the fourth free will offering of The Mercy Seat.

How long
Oh how long
Must we

Years pass
Hearts ever
Where is mercy's

The woman with the issue of blood must have wondered this. Eighteen years of suffering and no end in sight. All doctors leaving her bereft, not just of help, but also of all her material wealth. And yet, her hands still stretched out that day afresh, as Jesus walked before her.

Have you ever considered that her healing was in fact not an isolated affair but a communal one? Why else would God wait so long to intervene? Have you ever considered that His Word to this precious soul was not just intended for the one who put her faith in Jesus?

Jesus stopping led to a religious leader's little girl dying (and being resurrected). Jesus stopping led to man's disapproval of an "unrighteous" woman, and Christ's proving of His righteousness as the trump card.

I believe Jesus was not just stopping to heal one suffering woman, but many more through her (including us today). I believe He was tilling the soil of the self-righteous present, preparing them for a harvest of true righteousness in His death and resurrection. And I believe He was and is speaking mercy over other hidden lamps present.

Women who need(ed) to hear Jesus call an outcast, rejected, "unclean", diseased woman: daughter of the Most High King. Women who needed to know they are not forgotten of God, but chosen and appointed for such a time as this. Not to sit in a corner, believing themselves unworthy, but to arise and shine in the light of their Maker's worthiness, who has not forsaken the works of His hands.

Mercy's cloak
Is even now
Ever wider.

A coat
Of many colors
Not just given
For one.

But destined
To be
To weave

A greater
Of mercy's blood
Shed for all.

To declare
The rejected: chosen
The diseased: healed
The broken: whole.

To prove
The forsaken: appointed
Of God to call
The forsaken: appointed

And chosen
To secure
The reward for
Christ's suffering

Not just
For the one
But for each
And every One.

My Mama waited twenty years to understand her adopted son and to see her daughter come home to Jesus. My little brother waited twenty years for my Mum to stretch out her hands in mercy. I waited twenty years before seeing God answer my little girl prayers for this to unfold and to be born again in my faith.

But in those twenty years, Jesus loved the lost home through the tears of my Mama for my little brother and I. And Jesus gave the voiceless a voice through His compassion pouring out of my little brother and I. And now His courage is being awakened in my little brother and I - as my Mama watches on from the cloud of witnesses.

Even as we don't see God's mercy for us, we become God's mercy to others. He never stops working and moving. Because not one Word of His ever returns void and mercy is a:

Communal Word
A family
Of God

Mercy's cloak
Not for one
But for
The One.

Let us take heart:

For our good God is right here with us, beating in our chest:


  1. I love these precious thoughts. So often we don’t understand the perfect timing in our Lord’s delays. Truly He is working for the saving of MANY lives:His community of mercy among us. Oh that He would open my heart more to His way of seeing and loving.


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