Part 7: Chapter 7: The New Covenant of Love

Welcome to Chapter 7 of Part 7 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna and Bettie are introducing you to The New Covenant of Love, the final chapter of our book – God’s gift to us.

Who would have thought that our Savior would come to earth, not to LORD it over us?

Who would have thought He would come not to take His beloved children back by force?

Not to scream and kill to enforce His Way, or even to show us how to be “good” kids?

Not to condemn and punish us, or demand we stick to a long list of rules?

Who would have thought that He would come to be the refugee, scorned as the illegitimate son, rejected by His own?

Who would have thought He would be seen as being posssessed by the devil for opening ears, eyes, minds and hearts to love?

Who would have thought that He would come to sit and break bread with sinners and hearken His ear to the unclean, the weak, ill and abused and become One with them?

Who would have thought He came to suffer humiliation upon humiliation, to take upon Him every one of our human afflictions?

Who would have thought that the Son of God came to be separated from His very own Father that He might join each and every one of us in our suffering?

Who would have thought He would come to die on a cruel Cross, extending mercy to a murderer hanging next to Him?

Who would have thought He came to take the place of Barrabus, that He might give us Gentiles life too?

Who would have thought He came to immerse us from head to toe in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, by shedding His own blood on a cruel and seemingly senseless Cross?

Who would have thought He would become the law fulfilled to lift the heavy burden of the law from our shoulders?

Who would have thought His own heart would stop beating to rise again – not just all those years ago, but in us even today?

Who would have thought He could exchange our numbed, stone cold human hearts with a new heart, beating in tune to the Father’s pure and unblemished sacrifice of love?

Oh yes, our God works in mysterious Ways:

And because He knew we wouldn’t have thought this or wrapped our minds around  what He was up to from the very beginning, He gave us the hope of glory. The Father gave us Jesus, His very own Son, the living and active Word, through the Holy Spirit. The bread of life, the living water, the oil of anointing, the fire and salt of the Word, the sword of life, the breath of God and blood of Christ that has been shed abroad into our hearts.

So, that in the profession of our faith, God might ever remind us, piece by piece as He unfolds Himself in us, on those most painful days:

“You don’t yet understand what I am doing, but one day you will.”

So, that one day, we shall look back and see Jesus in every Cross He set before us. In every face we looked into. In every place He had us join Him in His suffering, so that one day we shall see and know Him, for who He truly is.

No, not just in part, but

– fully, wholly and completely –

We shall look upon Him, and be changed in an instant into

the New Covenant of Love

the living and breathing, mysterious and majestic heart, tabernacle, Holy Temple, home, dwelling place and embodiment of Christ. The Love of a King.

Oh Papa open our eyes and ears and minds and hearts to see You not just in the one before us now, but in every single face that walks this earth, thirsty and hungry for Love. In our past and present and future glorify Your Son in us. Unveil Jesus in us all that we – Your Body made One – might bend our knees in awe to confess You LORD of all. In Jesus’ mighty, sovereign, holy Name, Amen.

May God open our eyes to see His face shining upon us today:

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