Part 7: Chapter 7 – Day 5: Who is that Coming Up from the Wilderness, Leaning on her Beloved?

Welcome to Day 5 of Chapter 7 from Arise & Shine’s Part 7. Today, Anna is bringing forward our fifth free will offering of The New Covenant of Love.

Pure and true 
I see You
Standing before us
Undoing the wrongs
Unraveling the threads
Ever revealing
The heart of a King
Long hid
Deep inside
The heart of a child
Christ in us.

Faithful and true
I hear Your Word
Ever speaking to us
Awaking us to
Your holy fire
Burning the dross
Consuming all
That's dead and dying
To resurrect the Son
Made flesh in us:
Your beloved Body.

A light of love's
Blazing jealously
Zealously declaring
Your fearfully
And wonderfully made
Child - Your very own -
Oh yes! You're returning us all
The lost are found
In these knees
You're bowing
In this intercession
In Your blood shed
Once and for all.

No longer bound
In fear and shame
My heart and soul
You, our God, are
Ever daily upward
Lifting, oh yes!
I shall yet see
And know in full
What I now but
See and know in part.

Oh yes! Even now
I see Your coming
On this earth
As it is in heaven
In each new day
Here dawning
In truth kissing grace
Each day afresh.

In this new heart
You're ever
Waking up
To taste and see
In daily communion
That Your love's eternal
In the new covenant
Of Your Body broken
And Your blood
Shed for all.

Oh yes! Hark
The angel choirs are singing
Oh yes! Behold
See the heavens parting
And the cloud of witnesses cheering
Oh yes! Be still and know
Our King of Kings
And LORD of Lords
Is His beloved Bride
Here awaking.

For who is that coming up
From the wilderness
Leaning on her Beloved?
It's the pure and spotless
Washed in the blood
Of our King
It's us, the Body of Christ
Now made One
The reward of Christ's suffering
Fully and wholly revealing.


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