Praying for Our Papa’s Beloved Prodigals

What a blessing you are to the Body of Christ that you long to pray for our Abba Father’s Beloved Prodigals to come home! Here is a verse that I pray daily changes the way we each see the Good Shepherd’s lambs and sheep who are even now caught in the thorn bush of their accuser’s condemnation. May Jesus show us how He longs to pray for His Prodigals as we meditate upon this living and active Word:

That same Jesus sent us into these Prodigals’ lives not just to bless them, but to bless us too, with a growing faith and trust in Him. He has given us His precious heart of perfect, steadfast love and mercy for His whole Body, that we might continually arise by faith, to take Him at His Word, as He bathes us in His Word and cleanses us of our sin.

Thank You LORD Jesus that You sealed us and each of Your Prodigal children unto eternity by Your Holy Spirit, when we first gave You our hearts as children/adults. 

Do you remember the lame man who was brought to Jesus by his friends, who lowered him down through a roof? That man had his sins forgiven on the basis of his friends’ faith for him. May we also claim this Promise of mercy and compassion for our suffering loved ones, declaring it over them. For, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Nothing can shake His irrevocable purpose for His Prodigals (and for us too 😊).

If you are struggling to see beyond your loved ones’ sin, the hurt they have caused you or others, their unrepentance or their seemingly hopeless circumstances, ask God to pour out His compassion upon you personally first, that you might become His compassion to others. Remember, He cares about not just their pain, but our pain too, and longs to comfort us too. 

Whenever we are struggling, may our God arise to help us, that we might arise from our unbelief to run into His faith, love and mercy for His Body, the church, which includes our loved ones even now. May He move us to repent of our unbelief, reminding us that He is not ashamed of our weakness and need.

Did the LORD ask you to pray for a believing husband or wife for these Prodigals? If not, please do not do so: that is then a prayer of the flesh. My Mama did not pray for a believer for me – she prayed for God’s heart for me and now God is unveiling His purpose in me, my marriage, my husband and his Prodigal family and our children, restoring His Body unto Himself in the process:

1 Corinthians 7:14 KJV For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.

Papa, I thank You for laying your Prodigals and their families upon our hearts. Papa, continue to teach us to walk in Your Ways. Continually lift off the heavy burden of our pride, self-righteousness and the heavy yoke of responsibility we so easily take upon ourselves for Your children. Forgive us for the moments we have clung tight to our own thinking and plans for them and ourselves. Open our hearts to see and receive Your plans and purposes with joy. 

Papa unveil Your light yoke of love for us. Teach us to walk in the light of Your truth. Give us an undivided heart in Christ Jesus that we might fear Your Name above all else. Grow Your soft and open heart in us, pouring out Your intercession out of us for Your Body, the church, each day anew. 

Pour forth Your Word out of our mouth, moment by moment, as You place Your beloved ones upon our minds and hearts. Thank You that the word is very near to them and to us in Christ Jesus. It is in our mouth and in our heart, so that we can do it. 

If it is Your will that we might join each other in Your intercession for our loved ones and for each other, bind us and weave us together here in You, moving us to pray for each other and each others’ loved ones along with our own. Unify us in Your chesed love for Your Body.

But if we are not meant to be connected to each other here in this way, I ask You to weave us together with others locally and afar in other ways. Bind us together in Your chesed love for Your Body, as You unveil the irrevocable calling upon all of our lives to declare the glory of Your Name unto the ends of the earth and to be made One in You, Your Son and Holy Ghost.

And I pray a special blessing over Your faithful servant Fredrik from Sweden, whose call to prayer You used to encourage me to pen these words and prayers in You. Astound and awe him with the power of Your Holy Spirit and the word of his testimony in You. In Jesus’ precious Name, Amen.

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