We Are Not Our Own

Did you know you are God’s favorite? Did you know each one of us are? Did you know that John called himself the disciple whom Jesus loves only because John had tasted and seen the depths of God’s love for us all. Have a look at Revelations and you will understand why.

You will understand just how blown away this prisoner was, as he tasted the depths of the love of his Jesus in the least likely of places: traveling into the future, into the heart of God that is not bound by time and place, but that is boundless and free, from inside a little prison cell on a remote and cut-off island.

Perhaps he first wondered if his Messiah had deserted him in that forsaken and lonely place, but no! Christ had set him apart to bless us all with a vision so grande and so spectacular it left John without adequate words to describe the marvels of his great God.

Oh how I am tasting and seeing that kind of love now too. Oh my, the favor my God has been pouring out upon me in this place of hemming in, in this deteriating body that has been giving way from all the loss and all the trauma I have walked through. My “prison” is becoming the place of my greatest joy and delight!!!

Oh how the tears of repentance and boundless joy have been flowing, as God has been opening my eyes to so much, showering me in His delight with a surprise of His intimate love and care that only He could bring. He is opening my eyes, ears and heart to see just how present He has been to me and to those my heart aches for, all along.

Now, I look back and can see how my God was always so present to me, but how it was me shutting my eyes, ears and heart to Him. I was chasing approval from every corner, trying to fit in and belong in the established church and the world around me, even trying to cling to others to belong, when all along God was trying to embolden me to be different for Him and in Him.

For, my Abba Father has destined each one of us to be set apart – to be box-breakers in Christ Jesus. To carry an uncontainable Message of life and love and grace in our own body – the Living and Active Word of God. A living and active Message that was never meant to be hidden and even suffocated to make us “acceptable” to one another – even within the church – but to be poured out into our own homes, into our friendships, into the streets, into the cities and into the nations of this hungry and thirsty for Jesus world.

I am now recognizing my Jesus everywhere I sit and walk, because He has been unveiling His eternal Promises in me and to me. Through His hemming in and stilling of my heart, I now know, the deep deep burning conviction I carry in the finished work of the Cross and that all Promises are yes and Amen in Christ Jesus, doesn’t make me wrong, evil or a heretic and oblivious to the curse of sin. It makes me a daughter of the Most High King who bows in awe of the power of her God.

It makes me a follower of the LORD of Lords, who for the joy set before Him humbled Himself unto death, walking toward the Cross weeping for us, to die for every single one of our hardened hearts of sin. The mighty God who broke every curse ever spoken and wielded against us, His children, as His Body was nailed to that Cross, the nails that crushed and destroyed the enemy’s claim upon us for good.

And why did He do this for us? Because we earnt it or worked hard for it or were such faithful servants for Him? NO! We did and can do absolutely nothing to deserve it. For that gift of life He gave us is His free and unmerited gift to us all, that He might fulfill His covenant of love toward us. So that He might prove to us that He truly is the Lover of our souls and our mighty, mighty Promise Keeper!

Oh yes, He is SO mighty to save! My very breath of life declares it. I should be dead today: physically and spiritually. My sin condemned me on every side and I planned to end it all, but my God defended me on every side, declaring me His by the blood, not of my sacrifice, but His alone. And it’s because I can see His face reflected in my own, through His blessed humbling, that by faith I am now seeing His face reflected in the lost all around me too. And I am watching the Promise that is hidden within them awaking by the power of the Holy Spirit that is pouring out upon them, as we gather together in Jesus’ Name and leading.

Oh Papa, thank You that You have created and ordained each one of us to be Your holy and consecrated vessels. Thank You that our lives are NOT our own: they belong to You and always have and always will, unto eternity. Thank You for shaping, moulding and preparing each one of us for our irrevocable calling in You. Thank You for pouring out Your Holy Spirit upon us to open our eyes to Your choosing of us and to Your compassion for us that we might – through the outpouring of Your Holy Spirit in our midst- become Your choosing of and compassion to others.

Thank You that we are Your beloved and chosen vessels, set apart unto Your glorious purposes to see the return of Your Son and the revealing of Your spotless and unblemished Bride. Thank You that not even one star is missing or gone because it is finished, the work is done. Thank You that the lost are found in You – in every Promise that is Yes and Amen in Christ Jesus.

Thank You for overshadowing us in this womb of Your choosing that You might birth Your Son in us, fully and wholly. Thank You for giving us a hope and future beyond our wildest dreams. Thank You that we will yet see physically what we know by faith to be true: Your broken Body made whole, with every lost soul accounted for and unveiled as part of Your pure and sparkling Bride, made ready for the wedding feast of the Lamb of God. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!


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