She’s Now Awaking: One!

She's Now Awaking: One!

Man told me
From the head
To the heart
Your Word
Must go.

But now
I know
Into my heart
You were shed
Abroad to rise.

No, it's not
One or the other
For Your heart's
One with Your Body
And Your mind.

And the day
I divorced the heart
From the mind
To "be good"
I quickly met my end.

But praise Him, my
Joined me there
Breathing life
Into my death.

One cold stone
Tomb of death is
In the bread of life
Now many living stones

For there's life
In this womb
You always told me
And now I know
It's true.

A womb of salvation's
In her labor pains
Ever groaning
For the coming of the
King of Kings.

No! Not from the head
To the heart
But a new heart
His mind and will
In us - Christ - is birthing.

For, it's no longer we
Who live
And breathe
But Christ in the dying
Who raises us One.

Praise You: my heart's no longer
Divorced from
Your blessed Body
But broken in repentance
Now, as One we rise.

A Body whole and healed
In Christ's prayers
I AM ever lifting
Each and every star
I see the night sky's lighting.

A Bride's unveiling
A church and Body
No longer broken
From her heart detached
But in Christ's own heart

She's now awaking: One!

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