Life Everlasting

Unto All Given

There are days
The pain presses
Down on my chest
And a weariness
Breaks my doing.

Accusations flying
I turn away
In my weakness
In deceit: bracing
Blinded by pride.

But in Your Son's
Laying down
You yield me yet again
To green pastures green
Still waters beside me.

In Your hemming in
Spacious places for me
In grace are awaking
Your Word: living water
Flooding my soul.

Taken away are my
Broken, leaking cisterns
My worldly seeing lifted
For a well of living water
Springing up to

Eternal life in me
The gate breaking open
I AM prayers from
Your lips unleashing
Following You, I recall:

The Son of God
Is sufficient for me
A barrier raising
In my weakness
A hunger and thirst

For my Abba laying bare
Old hymns inviting
Your seeing and knowing
Of this lost lamb in
Compassion flooding

My heart's true desire
Awaking for us all
To know Your mercy
In Christ's blood ever
Flowing toward us.

With healing in Your
Wings You're arising
Overshadowing us all
To reveal yet again
Each loss is but gain.

Thank You for
Laying us down
At the Cross daily
To rise again in You
Our Joy and our Gain.

To see Your face
Arise in the breaking
Our bread of life
Unto all given:
Life everlasting.

[The old hymn 😉😊]

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