As if on cue, Bettie shared an old post of hers with me to encourage me, just as I had been praying about using the month of May to share others’ posts to encourage you, while I take a break from public writing. May Bettie’s post bless your heart as it did mine today.

Four and a half years.  That’s how long God asked me to stay with a Doctor who treated me as if I did not know my own body, as if I was somehow less than his other patients, as if these reactions and side effects were my own fault.    

As the results of more thorough testing are coming in this week, and appointments are being scheduled with new specialists, my heart had to ask the questions:

Why didn’t You send me to different Specialists in the first place, Lord? I heard You specifically asking me to stay with that Doctor who refused to listen to me. How could that be YOUR guidance?

Come read the Lord’s response to Bettie and the encouragement He gave her heart:



  1. Thank you for sharing dear Anna. Your encouragement has meant so much to me during these waiting years. I am so amazed at how God has planted and nourished His Word among us. Praying His richest blessings over you during this month of pausing with Him. Love & hugs!

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    1. So thankful to God for you too. He has indeed planted and nourished His Word so bountifully amongst us. Thank You, Jesus!!

      So thankful to God for your blessings too. May God our Father continue to reveal such sweet treasures of His Son to you through the new trials you are facing now, Bettie. Love & hugs to you too!!

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