Day 2: Appointed Timing

A Dutch countryside, hidden in the mist (photo taken 1 September 2020).

Jesus wept.

John 11:35 KJV

Today, I bless us to open our eyes and hearts to receive Christ’s birthing in our hearts and midst. I bless us to weep with Jesus, and breathe in the comfort and consolation of the Holy Spirit, through the labor pain of birthing the new. I bless us to join Christ in His suffering, to be set apart unto Him alone. I bless us to lay down our old life that has already been crucified with Christ, to find our new life awaking in resurrection power. I bless us in our waiting upon God’s appointed timing, to wake up, pick up our Cross and walk by divine persuasion into the joy set before us. I bless us to sing aloud of God’s goodness and mercy, to worship Him with our whole heart, set free by the blood of the Lamb.

How can this 
Be love
When my heart
Breaks at every

Of our hearts
Now torn apart
To bow the knee
In love?

How can this be
Love to yield
My heart, to feel
My body, Your body
Labor in pain

To be made
Whole in You
For a restoration
And redemption
But in Your setting

Apart, I hear
Your steadfast love
Remind me: all is
Yours, Your master-
Peace in the making.

Oh Papa, I give
You my pain
My tears flowing
My heart aching
My desire

To be made
One in You

Thank You
For the Cross
For carrying me

Into Your House
In love's unity
For bowing me
Before the throne
To You alone.

To sup with You
In Spirit and truth
To weep
In co-labor
With You.

To wake up
Pick up my Cross
And walk into
The joy
Set before me:

You - Emmanuel
Our Prince of Peace
Who has seated us
Together in the
Heavenly places.

To taste and see
You have already
Made all things
Beautiful in Your
Appointed timing.


  1. I love that beautiful photo you shared, Anna. It fits so well with this final stanza:

    To taste and see
    You have already
    Made all things
    Beautiful in Your
    Appointed timing.

    So often everything around me looks so hazy, until I pause and let Him uncover the haze and show me His beauty already present. Thank you for this beauty today.


    1. Yes, He does bring that clarity, doesn’t He? When I added that photo, I did so thinking of the verse: now we see but in part, then we shall see in full. Won’t it be glorious to have all the beauty uncovered one day, in His Presence?


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