Day 7: In the Overshadowing

Sunlight streaming into the forest, my favorite place to be still and hear God speak to me. Photo taken this past Sunday.

For you have died, and your life is hidden with the Messiah in God. When the Messiah, who is your life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory.

Colossians 3:3-4 HCSB

I bless us to pour out our hearts to Jesus in trust and to rejoice in the LORD’s never forsaking presence with us always. I bless us to recognize and embrace His grace that is sufficient for us and our loved ones in all circumstances. I bless us to recognize that the barriers He has raised are not His withholding of good things from us, but Him protecting us and our loved ones from harm and Him leading us and our loved ones into His best for us.

I bless us to become pregnant with great expectation of what the LORD is about to do in the lives of others and in ourselves, as we look not to ourselves or man, but to Him. I bless us to be in awe of God our Father, and the finished work of His Son, Jesus, at the Cross. I bless us to rejoice in the LORD always and not to forget His benefits, but to be filled with thankfulness for all He has done.

Can I sing your praise 
Can I just lift up my hands
And say how much
I love You, LORD?!

Can I lay low here
Before You spreading out my all
My hands and knees bowed low
Lifting up my soul to You alone.

Can I just cast down in Jesus now
Every argument set up against Your
Word, may Your will be seen Papa
In Christ's laying low 'n casting down

Of all these walls, ashes to ashes of all
The ways I'm holding back my heart
My body 'n soul 'n mind 'n strength
My all from glory's weight of gold.

Melt my heart and pour it out
Releasing Your Son's meekness now
In my humbling, let my body's laying
Down low, Your Body freely glorify.

Unashamed and unafraid to sing
And dance in Holy Spirit abandon
Declaring You now the King of Kings
And Lord of Lords, no other Name

Will do for me, but Yours
My reputation I am laying down low
In Jesus to arise, awake to Him
My soul's delight in incense rising.

For He's ever interceding
Before the throne for you and me
The King of Kings and LORD of Lords
No other Name, my God, but Yours.

I know You alone to shield
And cover Me, hidden in Your Son
I am righteous, in the shadow
Of Your wings alone, oh YES I'm Yours.


  1. “Melt my heart and pour it out
    Releasing Your Son’s meekness now
    In my humbling, let my body’s laying
    Down low, Your Body freely glorify.”

    Yes, Lord, I pray for fresh melting, to see You being glorified in all I lay down.

    Thank you for this month of beautiful blessing, Dear Anna. What an encouragement to lift our eyes to Him.


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