Day 10: In the Ploughing

A freshly ploughed field God drew to my attention, almost four years ago. He told me this was my freshly ploughed heart. When all I could see was ugliness and all I could feel was shame at needing such intensive ploughing, God turned my eyes to what He saw and what He felt. He saw a heart now prepared to receive His Word, to be deeply rooted in it and to bear abiding fruit. He felt great pride in His Son’s yielding work within me that had compelled me to lay down my life and pick up my Cross to follow Him, a laying down and Cross that included releasing friendships and communities into His hands.

I will run in the way of your commandments
    when you enlarge my heart!

Psalm 119:32 (ESV)

I bless us to lift up and elevate the Cross, to see and receive God’s gentleness toward us and others in His pleasant boundary lines that furnish what is eternally useful for us through others and for others through us. I bless us to release our dependency upon and our control of ourselves and man and to take upon us the yoke of Christ, that is easy and whose burden is light. I bless us with a fresh hunger and thirst for God’s Word and for that Word to take root deeply in the good, freshly ploughed soil of Christ’s heart in us that has been freed of the stones of pride and the weeds of fleshly concerns.

I bless us to enter God’s rest, to cease from our work just as God did from His and to daily make every effort to enter His rest, so that no one around us will perish by following an example of disobedience. I bless us to daily come away with Jesus, to lay our whole body at His feet and to invite Him to minister to and refresh our hearts, minds, bodies and souls with His living and active Word.

I bless us to see, receive and rejoice in the greater yield He is reaping in us and others, as we learn to walk in step with the Spirit of God, to release any heavy burdens that we might abide in Him and His light yoke for us. I bless us to take ahold of our salvation in returning and resting in Jesus, in the humility of quietness and trust.

Touching the earth
I find You present
Here in ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.

For no greater Love
Hath He who
Lays down our lives
For the Body.

No longer a bitter pill
But in Your yielding
Sweet consolations
We're tasting and seeing.

Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
Bequeaths but
Our portion eternal.

A city of God
In streams of mercy
Ever flowing
Loss is our gain.

A greater yield
In the ploughing
You're reaping
A Bride You're preparing

Spotless and blameless
Your Kingdom coming
On earth
As it is in heaven.

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