Day 13: One Body

A photo our eldest took on our bike trip with our “third daughter”, as we call her. Through strict corona measures and school closures, we invited our girls’ friend, who lived a block away, into our home on a regular basis and she became such a big part of our life that we began to call her our “third daughter”. When corona cut us off from our own family in New Zealand, God gave us “family” nearby: as our girls were also welcomed into her home and got to play with her cousins who are a similar age to their cousins (my sisters’ kids) in New Zealand.

You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.

Psalm 139:5 (ESV)

I bless our blinded by pride and pain eyes to open by the touch of the Holy Spirit to the Presence, comfort and love of Jesus in our midst, where we haven’t recognized Him before. I bless our understanding of what the local “church”, our “familyand His Body looks like to be continually broken open and enlarged to include those He sets before us and ourselves and our families. I bless us to affirm His generational covenant of mercy and His desire for not even one to perish, for us all to be made One in Him.

I bless our feet to walk toward Him in our neighborhoods, whether online or offline, and to draw ever nearer to Him. I bless our hearts to open wide to Him and our ears to listen for and to Him and to learn from Him more and more. I bless our hands to offer Him a cold drink, to feed Him, to visit Him in prison (the literal prison and the mental, physical and emotional prison of trauma and chronic illness) and to clothe Him in love, compassion and mercy.

I bless us to notice God extending us that same blessing through those from whom we least expect it in our own imprisonment for the sake of the Gospel. I bless us to recognize and acknowledge ourselves as having been blessed by God through all the loss and imprisonment, physically, mentally and emotionally we have walked through. I bless us to see how through this, He has been and still is opening our spiritual eyes and heart to see Him, know Him and embrace Him in ALL His fullness into eternity.

I bless us, as Paul did, to bless God in all circumstances and to rejoice in our imprisonment for the sake of the Gospel. I bless us to continually obey the Holy Spirit’s promptings, to be still or to speak, to move or to rest our bodies, to step back from or to draw near those He calls us to.

Feast now in 
Broken bread
And new wine
Receive now
My grace
Ever pouring
Into this wineskin

My goodness flowing
My mercy leading
See now the love
And compassion
In these hands
And feet
Of the servant King
In you.

In your weakness
And need
In each death
To pride and self
See how
Your offering
Is Christ
Now becoming.

Your tears
Into joy
I AM singing
Your fears
Into faith
I AM bequeathing
Your worries
Into boldness
I AM unleashing
Your past
My glory now
Ever declaring.

Your mountains
And shaking
Your hills
See how
Persuading you
Moment by moment
With you still.

Open your mouth
And taste
Of my goodness
And mercy
Each day anew
Take eat of My bread
And drink of this cup
And watch here
My Presence
Your portion

With My blessed hand
Upon your head
And My face ever
Leaning toward you
See how
Shattering your idols
And setting
Your heart
My heart free.

Your bitterness
And gall
For a heart
Now of flesh
In mercy and
Gentle surrender
See how your heart
My heart
In the Father's will
Is becoming.

In your
Slowing to
My touch
In you rising
Again and again
To sing
And dance
In step and tune
With Me.

Breathe Me in
Each day afresh
Soak in My Word
And see
In the overshadowing
Mysteries revealed
In the shade
Of My light blazing
My Body resurrecting
Holy and righteous
Healed and whole
Beautiful and true
Beloved: One.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

Matthew 5:9 ESV

Peacemakers: HELPS Word-studies Cognate: 1518 eirēnopoiós (from 1517 /eirēnopoiéō, “make peace”) – properly, a peacemaker, bravely declares God’s terms which makes someone whole (used only in Mt 5:9). See 1515 (eirēnē). Source:

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