As It is in Heaven

Welcome back to Shalom Aleh. I have been quiet here, having spent the last month traveling and visiting family in New Zealand and the States (we live in the Netherlands). What an incredible gift it was to be with my family and my childhood friend of now 30 years and her family, after four and a half years of being separated.

We just got back home and I longed to share the poem I penned on the plane. I wrote it remembering the last few months with my Mum, before she went home to be with Jesus (in April 2014) and the beauty of eternity glowing in her, through her tears and ours. May it bless you also as you too remember your own loved ones who have gone home and the hope and comfort that is ours in Christ Jesus.

I have also included a quote from a book I’ve been reading that has been such a gift to me, helping me remember and thank God for the comfort and love He has extended to me since saying goodbye to my Mum. So much of what the author shares resonates with my heart as she (a widow with young children) shares openly and honestly about the depths of grief and the depths of God’s grace to us in it all.

My Mum and our youngest daughter, December 2013
As It Is in Heaven

I still see
You there
Eyes upward
A longing
Stretching into

Long before
You walked
Through those
Pearly gates
Carrying our
Hearts homeward

You lived
Into eternity
Your heart
In Heaven's
Seeds of life

In your eyes
I remember
To trust I AM
Joy's balm
In surrender

Our healing
In the weeping
The gates of
Heaven opening
Into Christ's
Completion leaping

I hear the cloud
Of witnesses
Calling forth praise
In the latter
Rains a harvest

Evermore new
Life awaking
In the abiding
Eyes opening
To a sea of glass
Flaming pure

Evil unto good
Working the saving
Of many in the
Night sky blazing
I see Jesus with us
In the fires

Before me
Behind me
Beneath me
Above me
Around me
I see Him present

More and more
Life everlasting
I see His Kingdom
Come on earth
As it is in heaven.

Weeping comes from a depth that’s gut-deep, bone-deep, soul-deep. And I believe when Jesus wept, it was also travailing prayer, stirring up a rebirthing power from the infinitely deep wells of His Spirit. After Jesus wept for Lazarus, life came from death. After Jesus wept in the garden, Life came from death. Search the Word and decide for yourself. But for me, that correlation is one I can’t get over. What if weeping is the birth pains of Resurrection power?

Danita Jenae, When mountains crumble : rebuilding your life after losing someone you love, p.175 (Kindle version)

Thanks to todd kent @churchoftodd for making the profile photo used in this post available freely on Unsplash 🎁


    1. Thank you! The book is amazing. She has really practical steps to take/journal and ends each chapter with prayers for us to join her in (I am already seeing Jesus answer some of these in beautiful ways). I think I will go back and re-read it multiple times.


  1. So very beautiful dear Anna. Your poem and that quote ring so true in my heart. I also believe that He births something new through those deep tears. He is ever so present with us! It’s so good to read your words here again. Welcome home!


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