Coming Closer to God

My Mum, shortly after diagnosis with glioblastoma multiforme (brain cancer), when we helped her get to her favorite place (the beach) with her three daughters and her then youngest granddaughter. My Mum never stopped smiling and praising God, as she leant into Jesus and His strength for her.

So, so blessed by this beautiful newsletter by Ann Voskamp (see below), as I too remember the incredible gifts God gave us as a family through my mother’s five-month battle with glioblastoma multiforme. I have never ever experienced the peace of God in such a powerful and palpable way as during those months of absolute agony. In the midst of deep sorrow and terrible suffering for my Mum, God began to heal my mother’s aching heart, and my own too, carrying me, His then lost sheep, home on His shoulder.

God was with my Mum through those months, and He was with us too, revealing His love, grace and truth in such personal and intimate ways. What my Mum shared so freely (because the cancer took her social filter away) continues to encourage, affirm and free me to follow Jesus, no matter what others think of me, and to experience His healing love, ever more deeply, just as my Mum did in her final days on this earth. Now, like her, I too am seeing miracles unfold in and through my chronic heart illness and CPTSD, illnesses that are leaning me into Christ’s all-sufficiency for me and for others and His power that is being perfected in my weakness.

Ann puts it like this in her newsletter:

Sometimes the miracle isn’t wholly healed bodies, but that we get to wholeheartedly love each other.

Those who long to see miracles,
see everyday miracles everywhere.

And yes, we pray for healing, and we know that by His stripes we are already healed in eternal ways.

We pray for restoration, and we know that by His mercy we know complete restoration and no condemnation.

And we pray for more time, and we know that by His grace, we have been given time that goes beyond all time.

The miracle that always happens in prayer happens in the most important place: the heart.

Prayer isn’t so much about outcomes,
but about how we come much closer to God.

Amen. Thank You, Jesus, for Ann’s precious reminders that our broken hearts and bodies, our loved ones’ broken hearts and bodies and our loss and grief reveal Your love, Your tender nearness and our eternal destiny to us in such palpable, intimate and beautiful ways. Continue to open our eyes to the miracle wonders of Your Word to us in the most unexpected places.

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