I Give Thanks

Into the Light

Strapped to the altar again
In this obedience 
I dread
I'm tethered and taut.

Pouring confession 
Of sin and fears 
Of horrid pain
In seeping wounds.

Burying myself deep
In shame I cringe 
At who I am
A mess, laid bare.

But in my pouring out
You lift my eyes to truth 
My striving dies 
Your Face to see.

Eyes of love
My face in light cascade
My weak and feeble frame
In warmth You bathe.

The tears now flow
Released in streams
My heart unburdened, 

Oh no
Not broken mess
But Christ in me 
The Eagle freed.

Your Voice 
Upon this altar cries
"Sin and shame
Are not your name.

"For not you
But I have chosen 
And appointed you 
To go and bear much fruit.

"Now go: depart under
A new authority 
Be cleansed to see
The pure as pure."

Where sacrifice 
Of pain
On altar strapped 
To die, I see.

You lift my gaze
To see 
Your face 
In mine.

Shem yah nihe'ra 
Your renown, Your Name 
Your gold glowing
You're shining bright in me.

No longer I
But Christ in me I see
Your burning coals 
My heart and lips have freed.

My heart explodes
A waterfall of grace 
Splashing on my face.

No! I will not die
But live to tell 
What You: the LORD 
Have done.

My lips 
You've set apart
From a new heart 
Blessings to bestow.

My lamp is shining brightly
On salvation's hill 
For I live by faith not in myself
But in the Son of God.

In the One who loved me 
And gave Himself for me
Who called me out of darkness
Into His glorious light.

Yes, Jesus, I give thanks when I think of every single person, past and present, you wove into my life to birth more of Yourself in me and them, to flood us in the bright light of Your countenance, Your face full of truth and grace and pride in Your masterpiece unfolding in and through us. Praise You!

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