In Your Beautiful Time

Thank You, Thank You, Jesus!!!

LORD, Your Word says
If our hearts condemn us
We know that You are
Greater than our hearts
And You know everything.

Oh Papa, in Your compassion
Flood my breaking, aching heart
Mend what I cannot
Move to restore and heal, Your
Fullness of redemption revealing.

Let my heart and my hands
And my feet be moved
Toward Your perfect plan for me
Cast out all fear in love, join
Our broken hearts into a whole.

Show me the truth
That You are indeed able
To do far more abundantly
Than all I have ever asked or
Thought accord'n to the power

At work inside us all

I cannot trust this wounded heart
Or the wounded hearts of man
But thank You that You
Are the strength of all our hearts
Right here prove to us all, You are

Perfect power

Born as a babe into weakness to now
Birth perfect love in our trembling
Here with us in this burning
Crowning Your perfection in the ashes
The Word resurrected now made flesh

Aris'n and shin'n through us
Papa, in the terror and shame
Screaming at us to stay hidden
You are the One proving Yourself
Worthy of all honor and glory

And praise
For You have already
Made all things

In Your Time.

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