I Know Who I am

This is so beautiful. Thankful for those who God sent my way too, to bless and encourage me in the truth of His Word, through all the pain. May God continue to build us all up in Him and His beautiful Word of truth and grace, through each other. When we cannot see, may our brothers and sisters in Christ become our sight for us in Christ, as they carry our burdens to the throne of grace in prayer and set Christ and His love for us before us. And when our brothers and sisters cannot see, may we become their sight in Christ, as we carry their burdens to the throne of grace in prayer and set Christ and His love for them before them:


  1. Amen, Anna. We DO need each other, to affirm the truths that are hidden behind our pain, and to assure us we are never without hope. We may know Romans 8:28, that God always brings good results out of every situation, but hearing another voice firmly proclaim truth to us bolsters our our faith and strength.

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    1. Amen it does. I have had the privilege of having an army of truth speakers surrounding me my whole life long from near and afar – in Word, deed and prayer. Praise God for His Body broken to comfort and heal us all.

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    2. And that makes me also think how powerful intercession is. When truth speakers retreated from me, as I found myself in a dark mirey cave and in the fire, Jesus Himself met me there.

      Yes, so many around the world were praying for me – but sometimes it’s those barriers being held up that usher in His grace for us the most powerfully. That moment alone with Jesus in my living room – as I cried out in anger at Him through PTSD flashbacks and He turned toward me in compassion through His Word, as I opened it to a “random” (prepared by Him) page changed everything for me, as did the moment His Spirit poured out upon me in 2014, when He carried me home as did the moment He put lead weights in my feet and tethered me to the ground when I wanted to throw myself into the canal across the road from my former church. No human being had anything to do with those moments – it was all Jesus – also through His intercession in others, as He prompted them to pray for me in very specific ways.


    1. 😂 yep: He’s daily continuing that rescuing, protecting and providing as He’s now doing some deep cleansing inside of me, not letting me stay lying on that mat of victimhood but compelling me to pick up that mat and walk and run into His empowering grace for me to live as that new creation in Christ Jesus.

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