Defender True

Recently, I began listening again to these voices – our accuser – I describe here. My treasure began to become sin and hiding again, and not God.  I fell back into seeing myself as the victim I am NOT in Christ Jesus and I also began to enable that victimhood in others too, by becoming their safe place to complain and remain tethered to anger. I began again to let my accuser determine my worth, my choices in my health, my parenting, my marriage, my friendships.

But I am not and you are NOT a wounded victim. We are all healed by the Cross overcomers, who are called by God not to sit in and enable others’ places of darkness, but to shine the light of God’s truth upon them, even if they don’t want to hear it. And where they don’t want to hear the truth, we are called to separate ourselves and allow God to minister to their hearts, so that we will not be pulled back into the darkness ourselves.

Because in Christ’s outstretched hand to us, and His strength pouring into us by His Word and Spirit, we and our loved ones will and shall get back up, pick up our mats and walk. We shall leave our old haunts of sin, our old excuse that we are where we are because of what others did to us and because no one has stopped to help us get up, when God’s hand has been stretched out to us all along. And notice too that the man Jesus healed who was lying there waiting for others to bring him to the pool of healing, left that pool of healing and left those (who were wounded themselves and seeking healing from a pool and not God Himself) that he had expected to help him, to instead walk into God’s Word and Promise of deeper healing.

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