He Hasn’t Forgotten . . .

This fell into my inbox this morning. May it bless you too. May we continually call to remembrance that God has not forgotten and will never forget every act of love, every painful surrender to His good and perfect will. No, He is not unjust. We shall see His justice – that we live by faith in even now – unfold in God’s perfect and beautiful timing.

And here a song a dear friend sent me and other friends that reiterates Christ’s triumph of justice:

and the story behind this edited version:



  1. So encouraging to know that God will not forget anything we do that may be unseen by others. But He knows and He blesses us. I remember singing that song growing up in church, but I think it was the original words. Blessings to you with love, dear Anna! xo


    1. It is, isn’t it? That’s so neat you sung that song in the original growing up. I love the depth that was added as the song writer matured in her faith. God’s sovereignty and victory are such precious truths as we take up our Cross daily. Blessings to you with love too, Gayl. Thankful for you xoxo

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