Christ’s Unfolding

Christ's Unfolding

Beckoning hope
Where we deemed You want
You lead us into the light of Your love.

Always so near
You never abandon
Ever so patient, You always remain.

Your palm branch
Blessed in grace that we are.

Coming in splendor
Sun streaming glory
Bathing us here in Your Light.

No longer remaining weighted
Our daily burden Lifter
Always You're breathing new life.

Promise in bruisèd
And smoldering wick
You will not break or snuff out.

Justice You bring
In captives You free
Hope's strong Voice in us ever lifting.

Thankful we raise
Our anthem of praise
Casting abandoned our cares.

Raising Your children
Your hand lifts our faces
Shining Your radiance upon us.

Broken, made whole
Guilty, we are forgiven
No longer condemned, but set free.

Called, set apart and restored
Redeemed and belovèd in You
Nothing can separate us from Love.

Our eyes You give us
"It's finished" declaring
Wholeness and perfection we see.

Cocooning safely
Releasing gently
Wings in Your timing unfold.

Your thoughts above ours
Master's own brushstrokes
Poema loved, we are Yours.

Let us not shirk back
Hide or strive fearful
But come as Your children restored.

You will not shun us
Remove or shame us
But break our hearts open to Life.

We give thanks in the breaking
Your Body's saved us
Drinking Your cup of mercy.

Every loss
And every tear
Our sin and affliction, You've borne.

Search here and know us
Let Your holiness draw us
Your will in us, Christ fulfill.

Send us and teach us
Our cross to carry
Your Kingdom Come to proclaim.

Comforted, we comfort
Loved first, we love
All us is given, let us now pour out.

Sharpened by iron
Hands clasped together
One in Your Spirit, each part belongs.

Let us not shirk
Or fearfilled withdraw
Oh cast out fear in love us perfecting.

The battle You've won
Our hearts are forever Yours
Nothing shall stand in Your way.

Heaven rejoices
Cheering us on
The hope of glory in us
A newborn faith

Christ's unfolding.

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