1. What an amazing labor experience! I have learned when the challenge shows itself – that I need to walk straight into it, keeping my eyes on Him, thanking and praising – and the fear and pain subside! God designed us to trust in Him – thank you for the reminder!


    1. I am taking a month’s break from blogging but because God prompted me to edit this very post you commented on in my resting, I also felt convicted to respond to you also.

      I noticed when I wrote it – and focused on “me,me,me” – a tiny prompting to wait, but I stubbornly ignored that heeding. Take a look and you will see what God actually wanted to speak through me (and had me live through just two days ago too 😊).

      I am a heart patient, so when I talk about my heart – I am also meaning my physical heart. The capillaries go into spasm in physical exertion and in situations of stress, which deprives my heart of oxygen, has me experience heart palpitations, numbness in my arms, chest pain, shortness of breath, exhaustion etc. But I believe my heart learnt to live in stress through triggers of trauma (I was diagnosed with CPTSD in 2015, after burying my Mama, God bringing me home to Him and me facing triggers of childhood spiritual abuse). So, yes, God designed us to trust Him – but I also believe, in repeatedly seeing that we couldn’t, He gave us Jesus to become the unfolding of pure, childlike trust inside of us.


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