Hearing God Through Prayers

Another compassionate and encouraging post by a dear sister in Christ Jesus. May it warm your heart, as it did mine and encourage you, as it did me, to keep bringing your whole heart to Jesus in prayer and to listen for His precious response (also in your body’s response):

Welcome to Hearing God Through Prayers (Part 5 of the Hearing God Series). A moment of stillness during a midday prayer time helped me more than a million words of petition ever could. Listening to God during prayer time isn’t something I do well. It’s something I aspire to improve at. Being still before God […]

Hearing God Through Prayers


    1. A good question. I cannot answer this question for my sister, who wrote this post, but for me, I know God is speaking and not my flesh because God helps me to discern His Voice from the enemy’s. If it is my flesh speaking, He convicts me through His Word that I daily/moment by moment bathe in, by His Spirit’s promptings, and through His Body etc. That is not to say I have not chosen the wrong path at times, blinded by my sin (each one of us is being transformed from glory to glory). But praise God, He has in those situations lovingly disciplined me to open my eyes to sow unto the Spirit and not my flesh, changing my mind and path to walk in obedience by the empowering of His Living Word.


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