A Blessing upon You & Your Family as You Visit

May you and your family feel the warmth of Jesus wrap around you like a shawl here as you visit. As you seek His face, may His Word flow like fresh water toward you, growing leaves of healing, not just in your heart and in your family’s but in many more through you. May the Spirit of the living God write His Word on each of our hearts, as we gather here. 

May you and your family always leave here refreshed, with an ever deeper desire to know and be known by Jesus. May His living and breathing Word become ever more precious to you and your loved ones, so much so that you cannot help but share Him with others.

May you and your family deep down know that even though you did not choose God, He CHOSE and appointed you – yes, even sinful and traumatized us – to GO and bear fruit that abides. May you shake off the dust of the old and enter the new He has for you. May you shine brightly in the light of His love and grace, so that this yearning world around you may see Him and know Him through you.