Our Holy Dwelling Place

A poem for Chapter 1 written by Bettie Gilbert 

A Holy God

Made a Holy decree:

Come out from among them,

And be Holy,

Even as I am Holy.

A Holy Temple

He designed for the meeting

Between Himself and men

The cloud descended

His Glory filled the rooms.

But His commands

And His Precepts

Left the people bewildered

The holiness required

Could never be met.

So, once again, God stepped in

The Holy One Himself

Opened the way

He took the debt

He paid the price.

Fellowship lost

Is now regained

As a purity unknown

Is freely given

To all who receive.

The Kingdom of God

Has been brought low

To a people in darkness

We are seeing the light

And finding His Grace.

Where sin and destruction

Walk hand in hand

The Mercy of God

Is washing it all clean

And making it all new.

The inner courts of the Temple

Now live in man’s heart

The outer man groans

And waits for the time

When all are one.

Jesus now calls to us

He says come and see

What you never could do

I’m bringing to you

A perfection so pure.

You are My own

where I long to dwell

Imperfect and torn

But holy and pure

Through MY blood now shed.

How can it be

That one such as I

Covered in shame

Is being washed and made clean

Into a dwelling place of God?

He makes me holy

He paid the price

He sees every part

Where my broken self dwells

He calls each part His own.

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