See How Much I Love You

So, on this late afternoon of long shadows, in a place I could never have imagined I would be, with a story only God could write, in the yard of a family with whom I was surprisingly and everlastingly linked, I was overcome by pure joy. I have lived the most beautiful story, even with the devastating grief. I felt Roma’s warmth and smile and could sense God say, “It’s all okay. See how much I love you?”

Yes, gratefully, I’m starting to understand.

Come read more of my friend Debbie’s story:

See How Much I Love You

From Russia and Georgia With Love

Sharing a dear friend’s words today. If you haven’t heard about her Roma – God’s Roma – may this encourage you to read from the start of Debbie’s book about this gift from God all the way from Russia (and Georgia), a gift who just keeps on giving from the heavenly places in Jesus. God cares about the tiniest details of our lives. Not even one sparrow falls to the ground without him noticing – so how much more does He care for each one of us: His children. Thank You, Jesus!

Not only had I grieved for Roma the past one year, six months, and two days, I had grieved for Liana, and then Lia when I became aware of the extended close-knit family, a family who I had grown to love and respect from our first awkward translations on, Russia’s social media. My favorite topics of conversation for weeks was this unbelievable and miraculous news.

From Russia and Georgia With Love