Childlike Wonder with Hope and Love

In the month of May, I committed to sharing posts from others that have encouraged, inspired and challenged me. Today, I am sharing my dear friend Gayl’s recent post that brought a song to my heart from my childhood. Her post so blessed me and had me dig into Scriptures and pray these Scriptures over myself and others. May God multiply His blessings to and through you also, through the words of encouragement He gave Gayl to share with us all.

What if we could become more like children who have such childlike wonder. Maybe we, too, would feel joy and hope with even simple things. The post Childlike Wonder with Hope and Love appeared first on Words, Photos and Art. Continue reading here:

Childlike Wonder with Hope and Love

Slay the Child or Fly in Wonder?

I explain 
The inexplicable
Make sense
Of the senseless
Oh let me stop slaying the child

~ feasting on mystery ~

Who flies on the wings
Of wonder
Her raison d'aitre
Dissolving fear suspended
In awe and wonder.

d’Verse poetics prompt:

Build a bridge

At d’Verse, poets were instructed to either:

  1. Write a poem about bridges that uses some form of the word ‘bridge’ in the poem or in the title, or:
  2. Write a puente (bridge) poem, which does not need to include the word bridge (but it can).

I opted for the 2nd alternative. With thanks to David at for inspiring me, encouraging me and introducing me to d’Verse and new forms of poetry. This was so much fun.

Thanks to GESPHOTOSS @gesphotoss for making the profile photo for this post available freely on Unsplash 🎁