Love Never Ends


I have decided to only publish this week’s blog in audio format. I sensed the importance of us (me also) needing to “hear” the testimony and the Word of our Lord to be transformed by it. This week I invite you to listen to the story of how Jesus came to rescue and carry me, His lost sheep, home, while contemplating His hand upon your own life too. At the end you are invited to listen to a reading of Scripture. Through the reading, I invite our Heavenly Father to soak us all in His Word and to slow our hearts to listen to and obey His fresh and very personal Word to us.

Here a few quotes to encourage you to listen for yourself:

I feel the nearness of a God I do not know. Here is a gentle, compassionate Father stooping down to wrap me in Himself. A God who sees my heaving heart beneath, all the waves of pain and fear and shame I cannot breathe. And He breathes for me: “I see you. I know you. I love you.” . . .

These monthly installments of my testimony are not just God’s answer to this deeper desire He gave me, but His answer to all of us. To all of us who have walked a path of trauma and heartache, believing our God has abandoned us. For He has never ever forsaken us and He wants us to know it, and to see the fingerprints of the Cross – and His unending love for us – all over our lives.


May your hearts be blessed!



My Mum and I in Salzburg, the year I gave my heart to the LORD and also the year my parents moved from New Zealand to Germany, with four little kids in tow, to share the love of Jesus with those the LORD called them to.


May these Scriptures and songs encourage your heart today, drawing you into the Presence of the God who is love, never-ending Love:



2 Samuel 7: 22 – 23 KJV

For thy word’s sake, and according to thine own heart, hast thou done all these great things, to make thy servant know them.

Wherefore thou art great, O Lord God: for there is none like thee, neither is there any God beside thee, according to all that we have heard with our ears.




Weekly Content

Welcome to Shalom Aleh (Healing Leaves), a weekly blog to encourage you and your family, as you heal from trauma, in the living Word and testimony of Jesus. May you be blessed in this place and go back out into this yearning world, to be a blessing to others.

Each month, we will rest in a particular character trait of Jesus: in who He is in us, for us, through us and to us. Each weekly publication, on a Tuesday, will be centered on this monthly theme. 

January Theme : The Love of Christ

Love Bears All Things

Love Never Ends

Love Abides

The Greatest of these is Love

February Theme: The Eyes of Christ

Seeing and Perceiving (Joy Lenton)

Seeing With Christ’s Eyes

Come Back, Daughter (Lisa Anne Tindal)

Sometimes the order of the weekly posts below may differ, in response to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

Every first week of the month, you will find a new devotional. These have been created with families in mind. They are child-friendly and can be read or listened to together with your children. Each devotional begins with an application of the Bible to our everyday life, including one or more mini-testimonies. This is followed by one or more practical ways we can seek our God throughout our week. We end with a Scripture-filled prayer.

Every second week of the month, you will find a new chapter of my own personal testimony. Each installment will invite you to see the fingerprints of Jesus on your own story. We will end with a time of prayer and reflection. I will invite you to join me in praying the Word of God over your life.

Every third week of the month, you will find a poem/poetry reading, ending with an invitation into prayer. These poems are rooted in and inspired by Scripture. They also reflect God’s healing hand upon us, His children.

Every fourth week of the month, you will find testimonies from other believers: from friends of mine who share of the healing God has been gifting them.

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