Unfurling [Republished]

In the month of May, I committed to sharing posts from others that have encouraged, inspired and challenged me. But today on my Mum’s 68th birthday (my Mum went to be with Jesus April 8th, 2014), the LORD again returned this post to me – because one of you liked it (thank you for being God’s gift!!) – and I knew I had to share it with you all again – a third time because of what just unfolded.

When I looked to see what post was being liked, I was so overwhelmed. Why? Because Bettie had just eerily emailed me of something so similar unfolding for her: as God placed a rainbow before her, the first she’s seen since her move, when she so needed God’s reminder that when we are faithless, He is the God who is faithful FOR us.

And then as I listened to the song I had included here, I decided to send it to a friend in Washington state, but God at the last moment brought another friend in Indiana to mind also, so I sent it to her too. What I didn’t know is that her Mama went to be with Jesus hours earlier – and now my dear friend was facing her very first night without her there, after months of caring for her elderly Mama in her own home. As Indiana slept but my friend couldn’t in her grief, the Holy Spirit compelled me in the Netherlands to send that song – showing her and me how deeply our God loves us and how PRESENT He is. Just as the song says, it is truly our Jesus who makes our faith to stand. May our God overwhelm you too today by the power of His love and the HOPE that is ours in Christ Jesus.

Shalom Aleh

On a day of fresh loss and grief for my little family, only Jesus could have had someone visit this post and have me return to re-read it only hours before that fresh loss came. It was one of numerous ways the Spirit of God revealed His nearness to me- in advance of today’s loss, preparing my heart to see and receive His compassion for our whole family.

May it bless your hearts too, and help you to see and remember God’s nearness to you through your own loss and grief also. I bless you to see details in your past you hadn’t noticed before, whereby God’s nearness to you and your loved ones becomes even more palpable to you. He truly is so very present to each one of us.

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A Blessing For Our Gathering Together [Updated]

As we gather here together, may we each experience a coming home in Jesus, a returning and resting in His Word to us. May not one of us leave without our ears being opened to hear and our hands and hearts being opened in surrender to receive a personal and intimate Word from God that refreshes us. May the Holy Spirit pour out upon us richly here as we gather. May we feel so seen, so known and so loved, experiencing the heart of our Abba Father toward us. May God hem us in by His love and lead us out into the wide open spaces of His grace.

May each of us (re)discover God’s delight in us and our childlike delight in Him, through the words that are published here and through our heart to heart connection with one another in Him. May we come to know just how precious we are to Jesus, as He affirms our place at His table and our belonging to His family. May God grow this place into a safe space, an online home to connect with each other in a genuine way, where through God’s Presence in us and with us, we are affirmed in our belonging to each other and Him, in our purpose and in our calling in Christ.

May we experience the sufficiency of Christ’s grace for us, through the words we read here and through each others’ sharing. May every accusation the enemy throws at us, as we seek to connect with one another here, just root us deeper in the love of Christ and bring an even sweeter intimacy with Jesus and with each other. May God teach us to lay down every fear and accusation before Him, inviting Him to respond with a personal and intimate Word to us that showers us in His love for us and casts out all fear of punishment.

May the peace of our God bind our hearts together in love, as the living water of His Word ushers in ever deeper healing for us individually and for His Body as a whole. May we come to know Jesus here in a deeper and more intimate way. May He bend our knees in awe and wonder, as He accomplishes what only He can do in us, for us and through us.